Monday, July 21, 2014

Song of the Moon Review

Title: Song of the Moon

Author: Catherine Banks

Book: (Artemis Lupine, #1)

Pages: 294

Rating: 5/5

So it was a tad bit slow at first but it sped up and I began to hate all the men in her life outside of her pack. Bret and Billy were total jerks! Agh!
Darren is Artemis's father and he takes her and Bret (her best friend) on a trip where they run into the man from her dreams. She has been having dreams of Ares for over a week and when they meet her father rips Artemis away and takes them back home. There they are able to sneak out and watch the news which her father specifically prohibited.
Artemis has one friend (Bret) but she realizes that he has feelings for her that are more than just friendly. Then Billy tries to make her fall for him but that doesn't turn out so well. Ares comes for her and takes her with him, Matt, and Koda (his pack). See they are werewolves, the ones from her dreams. They take her to a small village where Ares (her mate) begins to explain things to her but he keeps some things a secret. Bret gets turned into a werewolf and she finally shifts into her werewolf form. Which is good but once Victor (vampire) shows up and their emotions are being played with they leave and go back to her house to get a few things.
Then they go with Victor to Paris where they meet the Vampire King and she gets a strange vibe from him. Koda, Matt, Ares and her become a pack by sleeping (just sleeping) in the same bed together. But when she gets kidnapped by the Vampire Queen Isabella she discovers that she is part fey. Ares comes to save her and after thinks that he rejected her advances only to finally seal their bond as mates.
At the end they discover that Artemis is supposedly "engaged" to a fey they meet. What an interestingly open ending! It made me laugh so hard at the randomness of it!

About The Author

I'm just your average nerdy bibliophile. I love books, video games, music and movies. In 2010 I self-published my first novel and now I have several titles under construction. I love fantasy and have an extreme love for werewolves. I spend my days off work writing one of my novels or with my husband, daughter, 3 dogs, horse and cat. I love writing stories and they seem to flow out of me constantly. I just want people to read my stories and enjoy them.

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