Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Review

Title: Thanksgiving

Author: Janet Evanovich

Pages: 228

Rating: 4.5/5

The romance was a bit too fast but I really loved it! It made me laugh, which doesn't happen unless I'm reading something by this author! Janet Evanovich is a superb writer and I love reading anything by her!
Megan makes pottery and dresses up in a colonial costume on weekends for her part time job in town. She meets Pat quite by accident. See his rabbit Tibbles escapes and chews her skirt and so their story begins. She finds the rabbit once again and takes it back to Pat. Then a girl shows up and believing that Pat and Megan are married she leaves her son Tim (just born a few months ago...or more) with them. Pat is a paediatrician so the mother thought he could take care of her child.
Megan gets stuck with the baby because Pat has to work but she enjoys Timmy. She and Pat grow closer and begin to share a bed (don't worry there aren't too many juicy details!) as they fall hard for each other. Both of their parents show up and spend Thanksgiving with each other while the mothers talk about a Christmas wedding. Too fast! Besides Pat hasn't even asked her yet.
When Tilly comes back for her baby she brings the father with her saying they are to be married soon. (awww!) So now Megan has not only been dumped twice at the alter, she has had the baby she loves taken from her. Now she definitely wants Pat to marry her so they can have children but he is scared of failing to live up to expectations. So he makes a mistake and her ex-fiancé shows up in town ruining everything for them.
She may be in love with him but she is scared of being left again. After all he has already broken her heart by not wanting to marry her.
Will they be together in the end? What will bring them back together? Will everything end with a happily ever after?
I totally loved this book! It was a great read and I recommend it to everyone who loves romance and comedy because it has a perfect combination of both! :D

About The Author

Janet Evanovich is the #1 bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum novels, twelve romance novels, the Alexandra Barnaby novels and graphic novels, Wicked Appetite (the first book in the Lizzy and Diesel series,) and How I Write: Secrets of a Bestselling Author.
Also published books under the name Steffie Hall

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Flame of Olympus Review

Title: The Flame of Olympus

Author: Kate O'Hearn

Book: (Pegasus, #1)

Pages: 385

Rating: 5/5

I found this book on accident at Wal-Mart and once I read the jacket I knew I had to have it. I must say that I don't regret buying it! It is a great book though as many times as I've read it I am still not sure how old the main character is...if you find out please tell me!
Emily lives in an apartment with her dad. A huge storm hits New York City and her father is called in since he is a cop. So left alone in the apartment (since her mother died of cancer 3 months ago) Figuring part of something had fallen from a higher building she goes up there to inspect the damage. What she finds changes her whole world. What she finds is a very hurt Pegasus. The Pegasus from myth.
Knowing she needs help to take care of him she sets off to find a classmate that she thinks might help Pegs. Joel is skeptical but he comes anyway and he realizes that it wasn't a trick. Together they help Pegs as best they could but before Pegs is completely healed the Nirads attack the building. Now instead of just Pegs being hunted so is Emily.
Not only do they discover that there are monsters in New York but they learn that not one but two other Olympians are in NY too. Palen (other perspective) has been captured by the CRU who specialize in extra-terrestrial tech and want Palen to answer questions. Of course since Palen isn't an alien he plays them to the point that he almost escapes. He doesn't, but then he decides that since Pegasus and the rest are about to be captured staying put is the best option to help them.
Emily, Joel, Diana (Olympian), and Emily's father (Steve) try to smuggle Pegasus out of the city but are caught and taken to CRU headquarters (torture and testing site). Pegs is dying so Emily does what she can to help him but he needs to get out of there and find the one thing that can save Olympus from total destruction. The Flame of Olympus resides inside the heart of a girl. That is why Pegasus is there, not that she can tell that to the CRU. Palen helps devise a plan but Steve isn't on the compound (very suspicious!) he cannot help him.
When the Nirads attack the compound will they all get back to Olympus and save the day? Who is the Flame? Where is Emily's dad? Will Olympus fall into total ruin?
So I did guess correctly on every bit of this book but I haven't read the second book so I still have no idea what has happened to the father in the story. So frustrating! What do you think? Do you thing that her father works for the CRU? I do! But then again I have been wrong before...Anyway don't be perturbed by my being able to guess correctly! I read too much anyway! It is still a great book! :D

About The Author

She started her career in the fashion industry, spending several years working in the showroom of a large accessory firm in New York, then top management at the Calvin Klein corporation and then to Oleg Cassini in Toronto Canada.
From there she moved into film and television and finally into writing books.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Naughty Neighbor Review

Title: Naughty Neighbor

Author: Janet Evanovich

Pages: 229

Rating: 5/5

So I swiped this book from my mom but she will (hopefully) not read this post. She's never read them before so I doubt she will.
Louise works around the clock but has no social life outside talking to her parents. Now she has to deal with Pete Streeter getting called in the middle of the night waking her up. When Pete shows up at a party for her boss she gets fired the next day for being connected to him.
So now she is out to get even by teaming up with Pete (who's a screenwriter) who knows why they fired her. It was over a pig! A pig went missing after getting sick and Pete is determined to figure out the story. Even if he could get shot. They begin to feel for one another as the truth begins to fall into place.
Lou goes undercover to find things out but it places her life in danger. Pete falls hard in love with her and proposes which freaks her out. With help from a friend of Pete's they get proof on the bad guys and Pete leaves for California to help the movie producers make his movie.
Will she go with him? Does she truly love him enough to go after him if she leaves? Do they end up together?
Loved this book because it made me laugh so much! I needed that after the disappointment of reading Allegiant. Gosh that book was awful! But this writing was great and I recommend it to everyone! :D

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Allegiant Review

Title: Allegiant

Author: Veronica Roth

Book: (Divergent, #3)

Pages: 526

Rating: 1.5/5

So this book starts off where it left off in the second book. At the beginning it is a bit better than the second book but soon it just gets predictable and slow.
Tris and Four have sworn to each other that they will keep no more secrets from each other. After what Tris did with his father they need to be able to trust each other. Together they flee the dissolving factions, that are ruled by Evelyn (Four's mother), with a few other people who want to see what the outside world holds for them.
The barely escape and find a world filled with people who believe in the perfect genes. The genes that all Divergent's have. Four discovers that he is flawed. He's not a Divergent like he thought. Nita (a scientist working for the Bureau) has a secret that she shares with Four. The GP (genetically pure) is just a myth. No matter what genes you have, no one is perfect. She shows him a world outside the compound where there has always been war. He brings Tris in on a plan to take away some power from the Bureau but Tris doesn't buy that the plan is the actual plan. Four believes Nita and goes through with the plan only to find out (after Uriah is put into a coma) that Tris was right. Tris saved David (the man who runs the Bureau) and many more lives since Nita wanted to steal the death serum. NOT the truth serum like Four thought.
Now Tris forms her own plan to disrupt the Bureaus plan to wipe Chicago's memories and start the test again. While Four goes back to stop a war Tris has to face the death serum herself and survives it. But will she survive the man who caused all of these deaths, Daniel? The answer is...NO!
Four comes back and finds her dead but life goes on...unfortunately. Chicago evolves and everything goes back to the way it was before everyone became obsessed with the GP gene.
This book was so not supposed to end like this! After reading the other two books you'd think that the author would have the common decency to let the two main characters to end up together! WTH! it was a good book but if anyone is going to read this series please only read the first book! Much better than the rest of the series. Oh and they tell it from Four's and Tris's point of view but I dare you to distinguish between the two as you read. I dare you! It's just not possible! Sorry if I ruined the book you are about to or have gotten but you need to know about the book before hand.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thor: The Dark World Review

Title: Thor: The Dark World

Year: 2013

Time: 1hr 51min

Rating: 5/5

So I got to see this movie two days after it came out since I had to work late on the Friday it came out. I don't mind. Really I don't since it was worth waiting for. It was an amazing movie and can't wait till it comes out on DVD or Blu-ray! Everyone that has watched the Marvel movies really have to watch Thor: The Dark World! You won't regret it!
Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is cleaning up the mess that Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has made of all the realms. But he misses the woman he loves. Jane is the only thing on him mind and he can't enjoy even the celebrations of winning battles. (poor guy! we get to see him shirtless! *swoon)
Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) has never given up hope that Thor would come back to her. Even though he didn't bother to contact her when he was in New York (Avengers movie). She, Darcy and Darcy's assistant find something strange. Jane vanishes for five hours after being sucked into another world where the Ether takes hold in her body. The Ether has the power to bring darkness to all the realms. The very thing that the Dark Elves want to happen. The same ones that are supposed to be dead. They have been waiting for all nine realms to align for over a thousand years. Now it is their time to fight back.
Thor takes Jane to Asgard where the Dark Elves attack trying to get the Ether from her body. They fail but they hover threateningly over Asgard waiting for the right time. Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) is the ruling Dark Elf. Thor has to trust Loki to help him and Jane get out of Asgard and to Malekith's home planet. After that Malekith takes the Ether out of her and Thor tries to destroy the Ether once and for all. They fail miserably and in the end Loki dies and they are left trapped on that world.
When they do manage to get back to Earth they have to face a Malekith who controls the Ether and who is closer than ever to bringing all the realms back to the darkness. Anything is possible till the worlds go out of alignment. It is a race against time and space for them.
Will the world be lost? Will Thor be able to stay with Jane? Who all dies in the movie? Is Loki really dead??
I loved the portals at the end of this movie. They were so funny and brought many things into the world. I loved every minute of it...well except for the two women beside me that insisted on being heard over the action. Whether they were laughing, crying, or saying "I don't like him!" (they said that 2X!). Who cares what they think about Loki!? Who doesn't love Loki? I mean he's my favourite character. Sorry Thor! :D Oh! Stay till after the credits! You don't want to miss the ending now do you?!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chasing Midnight Review

Title: Chasing Midnight

Author: Susan Krinard

Book: (Vampire/Werewolf Trilogy, #1)

Pages: 488

Rating: 3/5

I found this book while I was getting Born to be Wild and though it is a bit long in places it was a good book. Not the type of good I'm usually used to but it was worth the $1.25 I paid for it. That is saying way too much! XD I kept expecting someone in the book to pull out a cell phone or be older but it took place way too early (1920's) for that to happen.
Allegra (Allie) is a vampire with a secret no one knows. She can walk in the sun! She has human friends and sucks blood from her bedroom partners (one in an alley! EEEWWW!). One thing that she never thought would happen was for her to fall hard for a man. A werewolf to be precise. Now she can't seem stop thinking about him despite that she told him that she was just playing a mind trick on him. She really does care for the man that she barely knows.
Griffin is wealthy and would do anything for his sister (Gemma) except for letting her out of his house and into the world. See they are both werewolves and he is scared she'll loose it in public so he wants to marry her off to some nice rich man and have a comfortable life. When she runs away he finds her under the protection of Allie. The woman he hasn't been able to get out of his head.
He figures out there is much more to her than he had originally thought but he decides to stay away just like she does. One night they are searching for Mal (who is searching for Margot) and they walk into a gun fight where they get separated. When he finds her again she is something horrible and sickening. Even in his horror he returns to her apartment, the place she'd fled to, and found her near death.
He saves her life but he also wants her to marry him, which she cannot do. When he leaves they are thrown back together by Raoul (Master of the vampires) who wants Allie for himself. Together they have to save the ones they love from harm but Allie has a plan that completely throws Griffin.
She runs from him and meets the real threat. The one who started all of the balls rolling.
What will happen to their love? Who is the real threat? Will Griffin get to her in time to save her? Who will Allie belong to when everything is said and done?
This book is definitely long but I persevered and enjoyed it. Honestly I have read better romance in pathetically awful books than was in this book. I mean c'mon! I will just have to deal with it but I hate how the characters can fight and fight while wanting to sleep together at the same time. Talk about wrong! I must say you can skip this book if you ever come across it. I just did because I was bored and my mother has started hoarding my books from me since I need to retake the ACT and take the GED for the first time once I turn seventeen. I long for and dread December! She wants me to retake the ACT (despite the fact that I passed) and get the best score possible to get into a good college. I understand but I really want my books! I had them in my hands and she took them from me before I could read them! O.O

About The Author

Trained as an artist with a BFA in Illustration from the California College of Arts and Crafts, Susan Krinard became a writer in 1992 when a friend read a short story she'd written and suggested she try writing a romance novel. A long-time fan of science fiction and fantasy, Susan began reading romance -- and realized what she wanted to do was combine the two genres. Prince of Wolves, her first romance novel and one of the earliest to feature a werewolf hero, was the result. Within a year Susan had sold the manuscript to Bantam as part of a three-book contract, and the novel went on to make several bestseller lists.
Since then, she's written and published over fourteen paranormal and fantasy novels, and written stories for a number of anthologies, both fantasy and romance. Both the anthology Out of This World (which included Susan's "Kinsman") and the novel Lord of the Beasts appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List.
Susan makes her home in New Mexico, the "Land of Enchantment", with her husband Serge, their dogs Freya, Nahla and Cagney, and their cat Jefferson. In addition to writing, Susan's interests include music of almost every kind, old movies, reading, nature, baking, and collecting unique handmade jewellery and decorative crafts.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Born to be Wild Review

Title: Born to be Wild

Author: Christine Warren

Book: (Novels of the Others, #15)

Pages: 325

Rating: 4/5

Don't worry about it being the fifteenth in the series! It is just about the same topic as the others in the series. The characters (I believe) are different. I found this in Dollar General since I had nothing else to do until the Post Office opened. I even ended up enjoying it despite the sex scenes. Yes, there were quite a few (3 or more I think) in the book but it didn't change my love for the book.
Josie is just a normal vet caring for her patients till one night Sheriff Eli Pace burst carrying a wounded Lupine for her to take care of. She has never taken care of Others before but she is determined to help this Lupine. When the Lupine's husband (Bill) shows up they learn that her name is Rosemary and soon after both of the Lupine's are infected with some sort of virus and unable to change into human form.
While this is going on Eli discovers that Josie is his mate and he falls hard for her. Their relationship progresses after a few days and they move into the bedroom. Josie never though she'd fall for a Feline. Especially not Eli Pace but that is exactly what is happening. When they are attacked in bed Eli fights and wins against the human but the two of them get into a fight. (silly stuff) After that she gets a call saying that Bill has escaped and something terrible has happened to Rosemary.
Eli's doctor friend (Steve) from the army shows up and they find that the strain of virus has not only been created only to hurt Lupines, but another strain targets Felines also. Now is the time the mad scramble sets in to find the men responsible for this and to find a cure before it's too late.
Will they make it in time? Who dies? Will Others now become a danger to the world? Who will end this?
I loved this book so much! Sure it was a bit slow in parts and the arguments were so weird (no I love you but you don't have to say anything yet. pishposh!) but the story line was good. Some of the sections of the book were confusing but that was because I was not sure what was going on and I am not a doctor of any kind. I am so glad I found this book though! :D

About The Author

Born and raised in coastal New England, Christine Warren lived in the South and the Mid-Atlantic before hopping to the other side of the country to take up the life of a transplant in the Pacific Northwest. She completely bypassed those states in the middle due to her land locking phobia. Hmm, need to research a scientific term for that...
When not scrambling frantically to complete her latest writing project, Christine spends most of her time as a crazy animal lady, hanging out with her dog Levi (he’s the one with the hair) and pretending to train him to have some manners. She also hangs out with her horse, Cal—a thoroughbred with a craving for strawberry liquorice twists—her good dog, Merlin; and her best friend, fellow author Hannah Murray. In addition to playing with her pets, Christine’s hobbies include identifying dog breeds from photos of their underbellies, appreciating fine and not-so-fine wines, shopping for the perfect pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, and most of all reading things someone else had to agonize over.
She enjoys hearing from readers and can be reached via email sent to or by postal mail to Christine Warren, PO Box 871900, Vancouver, WA 98687-1900.