Thursday, November 14, 2013

Allegiant Review

Title: Allegiant

Author: Veronica Roth

Book: (Divergent, #3)

Pages: 526

Rating: 1.5/5

So this book starts off where it left off in the second book. At the beginning it is a bit better than the second book but soon it just gets predictable and slow.
Tris and Four have sworn to each other that they will keep no more secrets from each other. After what Tris did with his father they need to be able to trust each other. Together they flee the dissolving factions, that are ruled by Evelyn (Four's mother), with a few other people who want to see what the outside world holds for them.
The barely escape and find a world filled with people who believe in the perfect genes. The genes that all Divergent's have. Four discovers that he is flawed. He's not a Divergent like he thought. Nita (a scientist working for the Bureau) has a secret that she shares with Four. The GP (genetically pure) is just a myth. No matter what genes you have, no one is perfect. She shows him a world outside the compound where there has always been war. He brings Tris in on a plan to take away some power from the Bureau but Tris doesn't buy that the plan is the actual plan. Four believes Nita and goes through with the plan only to find out (after Uriah is put into a coma) that Tris was right. Tris saved David (the man who runs the Bureau) and many more lives since Nita wanted to steal the death serum. NOT the truth serum like Four thought.
Now Tris forms her own plan to disrupt the Bureaus plan to wipe Chicago's memories and start the test again. While Four goes back to stop a war Tris has to face the death serum herself and survives it. But will she survive the man who caused all of these deaths, Daniel? The answer is...NO!
Four comes back and finds her dead but life goes on...unfortunately. Chicago evolves and everything goes back to the way it was before everyone became obsessed with the GP gene.
This book was so not supposed to end like this! After reading the other two books you'd think that the author would have the common decency to let the two main characters to end up together! WTH! it was a good book but if anyone is going to read this series please only read the first book! Much better than the rest of the series. Oh and they tell it from Four's and Tris's point of view but I dare you to distinguish between the two as you read. I dare you! It's just not possible! Sorry if I ruined the book you are about to or have gotten but you need to know about the book before hand.


  1. Based on how much you love Divergent, I'm shocked you rated Allegiant so low! Too bad it wasn't better! :S

    1. Yes, well, I was shocked that it was such an awful book! The first book was the best!

  2. I was considering this series for my New Year Reads, but I am reading so many negative reviews about this installment that I am wondering whether I should invest my money and time at all...