Sunday, November 17, 2013

Naughty Neighbor Review

Title: Naughty Neighbor

Author: Janet Evanovich

Pages: 229

Rating: 5/5

So I swiped this book from my mom but she will (hopefully) not read this post. She's never read them before so I doubt she will.
Louise works around the clock but has no social life outside talking to her parents. Now she has to deal with Pete Streeter getting called in the middle of the night waking her up. When Pete shows up at a party for her boss she gets fired the next day for being connected to him.
So now she is out to get even by teaming up with Pete (who's a screenwriter) who knows why they fired her. It was over a pig! A pig went missing after getting sick and Pete is determined to figure out the story. Even if he could get shot. They begin to feel for one another as the truth begins to fall into place.
Lou goes undercover to find things out but it places her life in danger. Pete falls hard in love with her and proposes which freaks her out. With help from a friend of Pete's they get proof on the bad guys and Pete leaves for California to help the movie producers make his movie.
Will she go with him? Does she truly love him enough to go after him if she leaves? Do they end up together?
Loved this book because it made me laugh so much! I needed that after the disappointment of reading Allegiant. Gosh that book was awful! But this writing was great and I recommend it to everyone! :D

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