Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Poem by Spencer

So I wrote this myself and found some random Halloween picture that seemed perfect for the poem. No Spencer isn't my real name but I like it as a nickname so I decided to use it.
What do you think of the poem? The picture?
If you can't read it tell me so I can post the poem by itself.
Hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Shadow of the Mark Review

Title: Shadow of the Mark

Author: Leigh Fallon

Book: (Carrier, #2)

Pages: 305

Rating: 4.5/5

I hate to admit this but the second book was so much better than the first book! I mean I was still laughing at how silly it was all throughout the book just like I was in the first book. But this is a must read though and can't wait to get my hands on the third book. :D
So after Megan was kidnapped everything has to go back to normal. Well as normal as it can be when she can control air. Especially when her power is growing much stronger and is drawing powers, not just from Adam, from Aine and Rian whose powers are drawn to hers now. (what more could happen to poor pathetic Megan?)
Rian starts to date a new girl in school called Chloe and they hit it off but Rian corners Megan and almost kisses her because of their powers. (So messed up!) Adam finds out and so does Hugh (someone from the Order) and he rushes off to look something up. So they are left clueless to how Megan is doing all of this without meaning to.
Then they all go to Sweden because Chloe turns out to be a Knight (people who protect the Marked ones) and because Rian doesn't like that she lied to him. They find, not only Chloe, but a bunch of Knights including Fionn's brother Cu. So they all come go back home where Adam and Megan decide to take it all the way while they are out on the boat. One problem...Megan ends up taking Adam's power, leaving him unconscious.
With help she manages to get his power back to him but they have to stay away from each other. In fact Megan has to stay away from all of them because she is a Cluain and can take all of their powers away from them bringing on the Age of the Fifth.
When the DeRises are all taken by Knox (bad people set on the end of the world or some such fun) Megan is taken by one that they thought was a friend. Turns out the mighty Anu was still alive and hell-bent on making Megan take all of their powers and in turn give them all to her.
Will Megan be able to survive taking all of their powers? Who will be killed in the transfer? Will the Age of the Fifth come to pass? What will Megan do with all of the knowledge given to her? Who dies??
A bit dramatic in the review wasn't I? Oh well I loved the book and suggest (if you didn't like the first book) to read the second book. They (Adam and Megan) still can't do what normal couples do and that in itself is really annoying. After all I've read enough books where the two main characters cannot be together and it gets old really fast. But never mind that because it is a great book!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jumanji Movie Review

Title: Jumanji

Year: 1995

Time: 1hr 40min

Rating: 5/5

I have watched this movie so many times throughout my life and I must say I never get tired of it. Sure I have watched it too many times but it's a great movie! It used to freak me out but as I grew up I saw that all of it was too hokey to be real.
Alan Parrish (Robin Williams) and Sarah (Bonnie Hunt) started playing a board game in 1969 that they were never able to finish. Allan was sucked into the board game and Sarah was too scared to try to get him out.
26 years later Judy (Kirsten Dunst) and Peter (Bradley Pierce) move in to the old Parrish house after their parents died. The Parrish house has been abandoned for a very long time so their Aunt Nora (Bebe Neuwirth) believes she can turn it into a bed and breakfast (or something). When the two of them find the game from all those years ago they decide to sit down and play it. Little did they know they were in for quite a surprise.
They free Alan from the game and together they find Sarah who is needed to finish the game. Once there is a winner (you see) everything that came out of the game will go away. But before they can finish the game poisonous mosquitoes, angry monkeys, spiders, etc. come out of the game. The worst of them all is Van Pelt (Jonathan Hyde) is a hunter set on killing Alan at all cost. The funny thing is that Van Pelt and Sam Parish (Alan's father) are played by the same man! XD
Will Alan and Sarah be able to finish the game they started so long ago once and for all? Or will the game take over?
I love this movie! I know I've said it a lot in just this one post but it's true! All the actors were fabulous and the story was great. It never had a dull moment! If you haven't seen it I definitely recommend you see this movie!

Pendomus by Carissa Andrews

Welcome to the Official Book Blast for PENDOMUS The Pendomus Chronicles Book 1 by debut author Carissa Andrews.

Humanity has colonized on the tidally locked planet Pendomus. 

Residing between extreme heat and frigid cold is the complex known as the Helix. Within lies a highly sophisticated society functioning solely on humans fulfilling their life’s purpose as determined by their natural aptitudes and daily brain scans. 

Seventeen-year-old Runa Cophem has found her calling studying the ancient trees nearby and anxiously awaits a professional placement which will allow her to continue her work. 

Runa’s life takes an unforeseen turn when she’s brutally attacked and left for dead in those woods. Rescued by a stranger with blue hair, she’s immersed into a surprising way humanity has survived without the Helix. Fueled by a yearning to understand and an attraction she didn’t even know was possible, Runa tries to make a new life for herself. Yet, there’s much she doesn’t know about herself, about the planet, and the forces controlling her from afar. 

What she needs are some answers.

Book Links:

About The Author:

Carissa Andrews

Born and raised in central MN, Carissa Andrews has always loved books. She started her career at 15 in a bookstore, just to be able to afford her book fetish. By 19, she worked for a magazine publisher. At 22, she was working for printers to learn their trade. At 27, she went back to school for graphic design, and became an award winning designer. Little did she know all of her experiences would lead her to becoming a self-publishing power house.

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    Terms and ConditionsMust be 13+ to Enter Ships to US only Item mailed by third party, MMSAI is not responsible for shipment, lost, stolen or damaged items.

    Couldn't get it to come up properly so I'm sorry for that and hope it still works correctly!

    Thursday, October 24, 2013

    Hunting Ground Review

    Title: Hunting Ground

    Author: Patricia Briggs

    Book: (Alpha & Omega, #2)

    Pages: 286

    Rating: 4.5/5

    This book follows Cry Wolf and is the 2nd in the Alfa & Omega Novels. So far there are three but I will post on the 3rd later on. Knowing there's a third book kind of gives away the ending...Well I liked this book and it took me quite a while to figure out who the bad guy was. There were many bad guys but I found it hard to believe it was him until I figured out why. Make any sense?
    Anna has been mated to Charles for about a month now and they are going up to Seattle, Washington for a conference. Marrok (the Alfa of their pack) wants to let the world know about werewolves and so he was supposed to meet them there to address their concerns. He sends Anna and Charles instead because Charles has a bad feeling about his father going.
    Well since she is an Omega (very rare) almost everyone wants her. Whether it be the Beast (very scary guy) or some unknown person who is hiring a hit team of vampires to get a hold of her. Luckily she escapes their first attack but they continue to kill. They kill...haha I'm not spilling the beans. They use some sort of magic (much like the pack magic) to conceal themselves from everyone which makes it hard to prepare for an attack.
    As the conference goes on one enemy is revealed but the one who hires vamps is still a mystery. When Anna is kidnapped though Charles will do anything to get her back. Even kill the only ones who can tell him who hired them.
    It becomes apparent who the crazy one is (I figured it out a little before the person was revealed) once Charles starts to...well taunt him. Once the madman is taken care one of the old enemies surfaces and tries to kill Charles. It is up to a wounded Anna to save him yet again. Will she be in time though?
    I loved this book! It was a bit stressful and I wasn't expecting one of the deaths but it still made for a great read. Make sure to read the first book so you understand what's going on. Trust me when I say you will be lost in places if you don't. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

    Tuesday, October 22, 2013

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Review

    Title: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    Author: J.K. Rowling

    Book: (Harry Potter, #4)

    Pages: 734

    Rating: 5/5

    Let me just say...I loved it! It took a bit longer to read (unfortunately) because I rarely had time to read for a few days. Next let me say that this book (when I found it) was in terrible condition...It had sections falling out and everything! D: How could someone do that to a book? Anyway I enjoyed the book though I had to be very very careful with it so it didn't fall apart again...
    Well Harry's at it again! After an almost decent summer in which Dudley had to go on a diet Ron's family shows up for Harry. Needless to say that Ron's brothers played a joke on Dudley in which his tongue...elongated to the point it looked like a snake. (hahaha!  love those boys and their tricks!) The Weaselys take him to the International Quidditch Cup where after the game some strange (spooky) things begin to happen. Leading everyone to wonder if He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named has come back.
    Back at school with his friends once again someone is out to kill Harry. No one actually attacks him but they do put his name in the Goblet of Fire in hopes that he'll be killed. (if only he knew the truth!) Now he has to survive three trials to win the Cup with everyone thinking he put his name in the Goblet. Now instead of three people competing (from different schools) there are now four (Harry's the fourth).
    Will Harry win the cup and become a hero? Will everything go back to normal? Or will everything take a twisted turn into something everyone has been dreading?
    It was a tad long but it was totally worth it! The end (a little before it) took me by surprise and I pride myself with being able to guess what is coming. Sheesh was I wrong! I'm glad though that it was able to do that. It doesn't happen often enough...
    I'm rereading all of the Harry Potter books since I was on so many trains during the trip and because I went to London! Kind of figured I had to read the books again...

    Sunday, October 20, 2013

    The Madman's Daughter Review

    Title: The Madman's Daughter

    Author: Megan Shepherd

    Book: (The Madman's Daughter, #1)

    Pages: 420

    Rating: 4.5/5

    So I really wanted to read this book since it is a remake of The Island of Dr. Moreau and I happened to like that book. I get excited just thinking about it and can't wait to read the second book in the series but have to read The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde yet again!
    Juliet Moreau is just a daughter of a famous scientist. Or she was till her father went mad and disappeared leaving behind his daughter and a wife that died after becoming a mistress to a rich man. Now Juliet works at a university cleaning up the labs at night and her only  real friend ends up inviting her to a party with a bunch of rich spoiled boys. They take the girls to the lab and freak when Juliet kills their experiment. After all they were performing torture on a rabbit. As if things can't get worse for her one of the professors tries to take advantage of her and she has to go on the run after she stabs him in the hand, ruining his career.
    Luckily she knows where an old friend (Montgomery) is and he is also going to an island where her father is hiding. So she hops on the ship with a bunch of men and animals in hope that she will be excepted by her father when they reach the island. They take on a guy (Edward), who was shipwrecked, before they reach the island. Juliet believes herself to be safe on the island until she figures out just what her father is doing with all of the animals. Turns out her father never gave up on his work. She runs into the woods filled with dangers and Edward ends up finding her, but is that a good thing?
    She goes back to the compound where she has to take her drugs. She's ill and the only thing keeping her alive is a certain drug. Montgomery and Edward are both falling for her and she has feeling for both. But is it the right time to fall in love when you are in the middle of a horrific nightmare?
    Will the animal/men turn on them? Who is Edward really? What will happen to Juliet and Montgomery? Who will make it off the island alive?
    Gah I can't believe I didn't do a review on this book before! It took me long enough to write a review since I read it a long time ago. Or so it seems...It really is a good book though...I hate that the author doesn't judge any of the competitions you can sign up for on her site. I just don't think that's fair! Oh well! You must read the book though since I bet the second book will be fabulous! :D

    About The Author

    Megan Shepherd was "born" into the book world, growing up in her parents' independent bookstore in Western North Carolina. She is the author of The Madman's Daughter trilogy (Balzer+Bray/2013), and The Cage trilogy (Balzer+Bray/2015). When Megan is not writing, she can usually be found horseback riding, day dreaming at coffee shops, or hiking in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. She is represented by Josh Adams at Adams Literary.

    Friday, October 18, 2013

    As We Lie Dying Review

    Title: As We Lie Dying

    Author: Jess Watkins

    Pages: 9

    Rating: 4/5

    Great Halloween story though I wish it had been longer, and ended in a different way. Sadly it didn't so I'm left longing for another book to finish it off. I've written the author and she says this is just a short story and she's not going to write any more on it. So sad!
    Madison is just a girl who wants her friend Hannah to stop seeing a troublemaker named Adam. Unfortunately she doesn't want to so Madison gives up. That doesn't stop Rob (Adam's friend) from getting Madison to go out with him.
    She has a great time and agrees to go to the Halloween party with all of them though she still has reservations about Adam. When she and her friend get there they find no one.
    Madison is pulled into a room by Rob but instead of looking happy to see her he tries to get her to jump out the window and run. By that time it's too late because Madison hears a scream. Her friend's scream. Adam comes in but even though Rob tries to stop him and she tries to run Adam is too fast for her.
    So she finds her friend and herself lying on the floor with Adam holding a knife. He stabs Hannah but he still needs Madison to die.
    Will he kill her? Why does he need her dead? Will Rob get there in time?
    Seriously this needs to be made into a series! Once I get a Nook or a Kindle (which do you all suggest?) I am definitely downloading this...despite the ending. This book comes out on the 24th of October (I think) so look for it when it comes out! :D Hope I didn't give away too much!

    About The Author

    Born in Lincoln but raised in Shropshire, Jess Watkins has a MSci in Chemistry with Study Abroad. She has lived in three different countries and owns an unreasonable number of t-shirts. A Whovian, Browncoat and Sherlockian, Jess loves fantasy and sci-fi as well as animals, reading and skiing, and of course writing.   

    Thursday, October 17, 2013

    Bloodlines Review

    Title: Bloodlines

    Author: Richelle Mead

    Book: (Bloodlines, #1)

    Pages: 421

    Rating: 4/5

    I was given this book by a friend who thought it was no good. I don't know if she ever finished the book or if she just found it slow and boring. It was slow in a lot of places but I enjoyed it!
    Sydney is an Alchemist. It's something she thought she always wanted but she discovered that not all vampires are as bad as they seem. She was punished but now she has the chance to change everyone's opinion by protecting the Moroi princes Jill from assassins that would kill her to create civil war in the kingdom. Jill's sister is the Queen and she will only stay on the throne if she has one living relative, which is why Jill needs protection.
    So instead of letting her sister Zoe go on the assignment Sydney steps up and forces her way in. Now Sydney is living with Jill in the dorm and taking care of Eddie and Adrian on the side. After all Adrian is a Moroi and Eddie is Jill's guardian (he's also 1/2 vampire and 1/2 human). Sydney learns to blend in though she's never been to a school in her life. She's incredibly smart but not good with people. Jill has a harder time and turns to Lee (another Moroi) who really likes her (despite the age difference. She's 15 and he's 19!).
    As their relationship grows Sydney finds out about her "partner" Keith and what exactly he's been up to. Some of the kids at the school have been getting tattoos from a place called Nevermore and the tattoos have special properties that can get you high (bronze ink) or can make you strong and fast (silver ink). The thing is that they are made from vampire blood, a very dangerous thing for humans. Turns out Keith (besides trying to get her in trouble with eveyone) has been taking blood from vampires to get money from spoiled rich kids who want the high.
    That's not the only thing that is wrong. Even after Keith is taken away by the Alchemists Sydney is still in danger. But who wants to kill her?
    Will Sydney die? What will happen to Jill if Sydney if killed? Who is the real evil one in this story?
    So this book is really good and I was rooting for Sydney the whole way through! I can't wait till I get my hands on the next book! :D
    About The Author

    Scorpio Richelle Mead is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy books for both adults and teens. Originally from Michigan, Richelle now lives in Seattle, Washington where she works on her three series full-time: Georgina Kincaid, Dark Swan, and Vampire Academy.
    A life-long reader, Richelle has always loved mythology and folklore. When she can actually tear herself away from books (either reading or writing them), she enjoys bad reality TV, traveling, trying interesting cocktails, and shopping for dresses. She's a self-professed coffee addict and has a passion for all things wacky and humorous.

    Tuesday, October 15, 2013

    The Clockwork Scarab Review

    Title: The Clockwork Scarab

    Author: Colleen Gleason

    Book: (Stoker & Holmes, #1)

    Pages: 350

    Rating: 3.5/5

    So I signed up for this book on goodreads but didn't win so I was left sad and longing for this book to come out as soon as possible. Unfortunately I was out of town when it came out so I was dying to read this book by the time I got home. When I got it I had set my hopes so high that I'm afraid the book didn't live up to my expectations. Don't get me wrong it's still a good book!
    Mina Holmes (her uncle is Sherlock Holmes and she is just as smart) and Evaline Stoker (sister to the man who wrote Dracula and she has been chosen to kill vampires) team up to help Irene Adler (who works at the museum and serves the princess) solve a few crimes where the only thing connecting the girls was a clockwork scarab they all had. The scarabs all tie back to the goddess Sekhmet, but what does that mean?
    Young girls are being found dead and Mina has to deal with the fact that one of the men (who was at the museum) is from the year 2016 and has a connection to Sekhmet too, but she also has to deal with Inspector Grayling who is the only one who can keep up with her observations.
    Evaline has a boy named Pix to worry about since he keeps showing up at inconvenient times and makes her feel alive. As they try to piece together the clues that are left they discover something a lot more sinister is afoot. Ankh (leader of a weird group) is trying to bring Sekhmet back to life and restore the world to what is used to be back when women ruled over men.
    Mina and Evaline might have escaped the first time but who will make it out the second time. Why Mina Holmes of course. Now she has she has to chose whether to save Evaline and give up a piece of the four items that Ankh will use to bring Sekhmet back, or she can let Evaline die.
    So will the Ankh get the last piece of the puzzle? Will Evaline be yet another sacrifice to the goddess Sekhmet? Who is the Ankh? Do we even find out in this book?
    So many questions to answer but how long do I have to wait to get answers to a few of them? Seriously! When will the next book come out? So the romance was kind of lacking (except in Evaline's case, but oh well) I still enjoyed it thought not as much as I was hoping for. Still I am looking forward to reading more by this author. :D

    About The Author

    USA Today bestselling author Colleen Gleason has written more than twenty books for major publishers such as Penguin Group, Harlequin Enterprises, and HarperCollins (as Joss Ware). Her books have been translated into seven different languages.
    Colleen lives in the Midwest United States where she is fortunate enough to be working on her next book.
    She loves to hear from readers via her website, Facebook, or GoodReads.

    Sunday, October 13, 2013

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Review

    Title: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    Author: J.K. Rowling

    Book: (Harry Potter, #3)

    Pages: 435

    Rating: 5/5

    So I shouldn't really complain since I have the book but I will since I had to wait a whole day to get started reading it. This book's binding was falling apart (not as badly as the fourth book was) so my father had to fix it up. Luckily he did a good job but I was dying to read the book by the time I was allowed to open it!
    So the summer goes pretty well considering how his summers usually go...that is until his Aunt (no blood relation) shows up with her evil bulldog Ripper. When she begins to criticize Harry's parents Harry looses control and uses magic on her. He takes all his stuff and runs away but he is soon found by the Ministry of Magic and... forgiven! He never saw that coming! So he stays hidden until school starts and he can go back with his friends Ron and Hermione. What he didn't know (until he overheard it) was that a crazy wizard was out to kill Harry.
    He gets to school and Hermione starts acting funny along with her new cat and Ron's rat. Something is going on but all Harry wants is to go to the town with the rest of the third years. He manages! :D
    Anyway Sirius Black is apparently Harry's godfather and Professor Lupin is a friend of Harry's father. Ron's rat is a traitor and Professor Snape wants their blood. (doesn't he always want somebody dead??) When Sirius is captured and sentenced to have his soul sucked out of him it is up to Harry and Hermione to save him. Why? Because he isn't the bad guy in this story. How? Hermione has a secret!
    Will they be able to pull off the closest stunt in history? Will they save two lives? Or will Snape have them both expelled from school for good and let Sirius die?
    Loved Sirius Black! XD I know I'm pathetic but I really do! Even when I didn't know he was a bad guy I still rooted for him though I didn't understand what was going on with him. This book was totally worth the wait!

    Friday, October 11, 2013

    Inhuman Review

    Title: Inhuman

    Author: Kat Falls

    Book: (Fetch, #1)

    Pages: 373

    Rating: 5/5

    I won this book on goodreads and was a tiny bit disappointed that the author didn't sign the book. I'll deal with it though since I like the book that much. It kind of reminds me of a cross between Under the Never Sky and The Madman's Daughter. It was great! I was supposed to read this before it came out but since I was out of town I just now was able to finish it. D: Ooops!
    Delaney (Lane) is just a girl who's father is never around. She dreams of seeing the Feral Zone but would never cross the line in fear of getting infected. When she's take from a party at her friend's house by Agents she knows her life is over. Once you are taken into quarantine you are a pariah for life even if you aren't infected by the Ferae which she knows she's not. They really brought her in because her father is a fetch (someone who goes into the Feral Zone to collect things for people who are willing to pay) but Lane didn't know he was. She knew what happened to the fetch if they were caught so Director Spurling gives her a chance to find her father and to get something for her in order to get their lives back. (It's that or death, basically) So she takes the chance and leaves the walls of Titan (700 ft. tall walls that protect the city) behind and goes in search of her father.
    When Lane gets across the Last Bridge she runs into Rafe the thief from the base she has just escaped from. He's also the one who cut her arm with a knife and is now trying to kill a manimal that's only crime is being infected by Farae. Lane manages to save the creature who in turn thanks her and runs off before Rafe can kill him. Lane then has to save Rafe from a real monster from her father's stories but ends up down in the hole with Rafe. Will they make it out alive? Will Rafe save her? Duh!
    They make it to the compound in the Feral Zone only to discover that her father isn't there. Everson (a guy she met on the military compound (super sexy!)) has come to take her back to safety. (Does he really think she'd just abandon her father?) So she, Everson, and Rafe go on a fetch to get what Director Spurling wanted so desperately. What could possibly go wrong?
    Now the feral that Rafe was hunting is stalking Lane and they've taken on an manimal (second generation) named Cosmo and he's 8 years old. (so sweet!) They go to Chicago only to be captured and Lane discovers that the manimal she saved (aka the feral who almost killed her) is also the king. (I'm spoiling it aren't I? Well the synopsis should give a better description than it does!!!)
    Will they all make it out alive? Will the feral rip out Lane's heart? Who will be left behind? What has happened to her dad? How will this book end?
    I loved the ending but I'm dying to know what happened to the manimals (and a certain other character...) but I guess I'll just have to wait. I'm not a patient person which is why I have a hard time reading books or even getting started on a book. I have many faults but I'm glad I read this book because I really really enjoyed it! Hope you all agree! :D

    About The Author

    Kat Falls lives in Evanston, Illinois with her husband, theater director Robert Falls, their three children and a whole slew of pets. She grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as an undergrad and went on to receive an MFA in screenwriting from Northwestern University.
    Kat came up with the idea for her debut novel, Dark Life (Scholastic Press, May 2010), during a writing exercise. Knowing that her 11-year-old son loved reading about the ocean, Wild West pioneers and, of course, the X-Men, she combined his interests and created a story premise that kept her up nights plotting and world-building.
    Today, Dark Life has deals in eighteen international markets and is in development at Disney with the Gotham Group producing. Named an ABC New Voices pick for outstanding debuts of 2010, Dark Life was featured on The Today Show in July 2010 when it was selected by Al Roker for "Al's Book Club for Kids.” Dark Life has been nominated for eight state book awards and in 2011, Kat was awarded a Juvenile Literary Award by The Friends of American Writers'.
    The sequel, Rip Tide, was released by Scholastic Press in August, 2011. Each book has been designated as "A Junior Library Guild Selection."
    Currently, Kat is working on a YA scifi-adventure trilogy, Inhuman, acquired by Scholastic Press for publication beginning in September 2013.

    Wednesday, October 9, 2013

    The Host Movie Review

    Title: The Host

    Year: 2013

    Time: 2hrs 5min

    Rating: 5/5

    Ohmyfreakinggoodness! I loved this movie so much! I mean it isn't that different than the book (The Host) by Stephanie Meyer so the director did a bang-up job! When I say I loved it I mean I loved it so much I jumped up and down on my bed...I found it on YouTube...XD Muahaha! I hope it doesn't get taken off now but if it does I'm sorry. And sorry I took so long to finally watch and review this movie...
    Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) considers herself to be one of the few remaining humans left on Earth after people were taken over by aliens. They may look like people but their eyes are ringed with blue which tells you they are a host. When she gives her life to save her brother Jamie (Chandler Canterbury) and her boyfriend Jared (Max Irons) she thought she would carry the secret of where they were to her grave. What she didn't expect was to survive and be a host to Wanderer who tries to find out the secret of where the resistance is hiding. Wanderer feels for Melanie and is tricked into running into the arms of the resistance who almost kill her. Only Uncle Jeb (William Hurt) stands up for her.
    She begins to earn their trust and she begins to fall for Ian (Jake Abel) much to Melanie's disgust. The Seeker (Diane Kruger) doesn't give up the search for Wanderer though and becomes a threat to the safety of the resistance. Wanda (now called that because of Uncle Jeb) is almost killed, treated like a disease, and beat up but yet she still overcomes and Ian falls for her too. Jamie and Jared also know Melanie is in there so they don't give up hope. When Jamie is hurt Jared has to trust Wanda and they go get the medicine from her kind.
    Wanda (after a traumatic experience) loses Melanie so she fights to get her back and teaches the doctor how to extract the Souls from the bodies of humans on a few conditions. One of them is that she is allowed to die. D,:
    When her time comes will they allow her to die like she wanted? What will happen to Ian is she dies? Melanie will get Jared and Jamie back so what does Wanda stand to lose except Ian? Are they really as alone as they thought?
    So I know I did a horrible job at the description of the movie but hey! At least I can assure you if you love the book you won't absolutely hate the movie. There have been many movies that were so unlike the book I was laughing at how bad they were...*cough Percy Jackson #1 and Eragon cough* hope you like my review and if you do I'm glad...

    Monday, October 7, 2013

    King of Bad Review

    Title: King of Bad
    Author: Kai Strand
    Book: (Super Villain Academy, #1)

    Pages: 218

    Rating: 4.5/5

    This is a great book! I was so sad when it was over and now I have to wait for this book to come out before the second book can come out! So not fair!! XD (make any sense?) I would like to thank goodreads anyway because if it weren't for them I wouldn't have won this book. I would also like to thank the author who sent a letter along with the book to congratulate me. Sweet of her! (Even if she sends it to all of the winners...Oh well!)
    Jeff is a troublemaker. He sets fires in trashcans and ditches school when he can. One night he is spotted and takes off running but to his surprise the man is able to keep up with him. No one has ever been able to run as fast as Jeff before and that unsettles him. He manages to escape but he is discovered by Pyro who tells him what he is. He's a Super Villain!
    Turns out he can control Fire, Ice, etc. and he ends up enrolling in the S.V.A (Super Villain Academy) where he learns what he has to be in order to be a Super Villain. 1, no friends or feelings, 2, no manners. (His Super Villain name is Polar, since has polar opposite powers) These things are impossible for him to do no matter what he tries. When his friend Source is kidnapped he discovers new powers and the fact that he has no other friends. The only person he considers a friend is Oceanus (Oci) but she knows they can't have friends. He can't deal with that.
    He is kidnapped by what he thinks are the same people who took Source but finds a very different surprise waiting for him. (not saying!) Mystic (can put unwanted thoughts into someone's head) betrays Jeff and locks him up for ransom. She also tries to get him to fall for her mind tricks but he is already head over heels for Oceanus. It infuriates her that she can't control him.
    Will Jeff escape? Will he discover more powers? Who will come for him? What will the outcome be for everyone?
    I mean it is kind of predictable and my review might not make sense but I tried. I really enjoyed the book and hope (once it comes out) that you'll agree with me! Till then I'm right and you're left guessing! :D

    About The Author

    Kai Strand writes fiction for kids and teens. She was born and raised in the mid-west, where she inherited a wholesome outlook on life. She lived in California long enough to find a husband and have four kids. Now they live in Central Oregon, which boasts the bluest sky you'll ever see and miles of hiking trails to enjoy it from.
    Kai has a facebook page: Kai Strand, Author. But her favorite stall tactic from writing is answering email. If you have a question about her or her writing, email her at

    Saturday, October 5, 2013

    Star Trek Into Darkness Review

    Title: Star Trek Into Darkness

    Year: 2013

    Time: 2hrs 3min

    Rating: 5/5

    Loved this movie!!! I mean I didn't actually get to finish it in time for the plane to land but I could guess the ending...I mean that was all I could do till I finished the movie on the next plane ride. This movie was amazing! Sorry to all you who disagree but I loved it more than the first one, which I must say was spectacular. Oh well, they are both great and if you see this movie make sure to watch the first movie before this one.
    Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) is at it again! He manages to save Spock (Zachary Quinto) from dying but in the process messes up on the mission. Sadly he is demoted to first officer while Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood) captains the Enterprise. When Pike is killed, along with many other captains, by John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) Kirk goes on a hunt for him with permission from the Starfleet General (Peter Weller). Armed with 72 (?) bombs that are intended for Harrison they take off after him to another planet behind the Klingon lines. (yikes!) When Harrison saves their lives he is taken captive aboard the Enterprise which seems like a good idea at the time. Harrison tells them about what is really going on and who the real threat. The Starfleet General comes to "aid" but then attacks the Enterprise with a ship built to destroy. One that was designed by Harrison himself. With the help of Scotty (Simon Pegg), Harrison and Kirk get on-board the ship and try to take it over. Kirk knows he cannot control or trust Harrison so he comes up with a plan while Spock (without Kirk's knowledge) also comes up with a plan.
    Will Harrison indeed turn on them? What will happen to the Enterprise if he does? Will Kirk and Scotty be able to save their ship? Or will Kirk sacrifice himself to save everyone on-board while Spock goes after Harrison? What will happen?
    Yay! I was indeed able to finish this movie on the flight back home! I absolutely loved it! This is a must watch! Hope I did a good enough job at describing it but I doubt I did it justice. It really was a great movie!

    Thursday, October 3, 2013

    A Great and Terrible Beauty Review

    Title: A Great and Terrible Beauty
    Author: Libba Bray
    Book: (Gemma Doyle, #1)
    Pages: 403
    Rating: 4/5
    I loved the book so much! I mean the girls (rich brats) were annoying most of the time but if you make it through them you won't regret it. I don't like cliques in which everyone makes fun of those not in them. It doesn't seem right and luckily I've never been in or seen one. Yay me! Great book though the romance between the two characters were lacking.
    Gemma lived in India and dreamed of visiting London until the day she had her first vision. A vision of her mother committing suicide while another man was killed in front of her. Her visions proved true (not that she could do anything to stop it) and her father (not knowing about the vision) sent her to Spence Academy in London. She hopes she's left the mysterious boy behind too as she tries to blend in. It doesn't take long for the girls to torment her, the boy to appear, and her visions to lead her to a diary.
    When she enters the realm with her friends Ann, Felicity, and Pippa she discovers her mother. Her mother teaches her things about the Order and about the power of the realm. The main concern of her mother is that Gemma will bring the power back with her when she leaves which she ends up doing to make her friends life enjoyable. After all Pippa is being married off to a snob, Ann feels like she isn't good enough (being beautiful or at singing), and Felicity has an absentee mother (who's in Paris as an escort of types) and father (who's an officer? or something like that).
    Their life is good for a while till Gemma learns what her mother has done and who is really after the power. Felicity becomes entranced by the evil forces and makes everyone go back to the realm despite Gemma's protests. What they find there shakes them to the very core and they are forced to flee without Pippa. When Gemma goes back to save her she is forced to face the monster alone.
    Will she fail and bring the evil into her world? Will she defeat it and save Pippa? Or will Pippa remain where she truly belongs instead of marring Mr. Bumble?
    Great ending though I would've preferred more romance instead of arguing. I can't wait to read the next book in the series and can't help but wonder if it will be even more exciting. I had my doubts about this book but I must say I was completely wrong. This is a must read book!

    About The Author

    Libba Bray is the author of the New York Times bestselling Gemma Doyle trilogy, comprised of A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, and The Sweet Far Thing. She is also the author of Beauty Queens and Going Bovine, which won the Michael L. Printz Award. Libba lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, son, and two cats. Visit her at


    Tuesday, October 1, 2013

    In the Forests of the Night Review

    Title: In the Forests of the Night

    Author: Kersten Hamilton

    Book: (Goblin Wars, #2)

    Pages: 295

    Rating: 3.5/5

    So since this is the second book in the series I was scared to pick it up since I don't have the third book yet. (I have issues with not having the whole series when I start reading...) Let me just say the beginning (like first 191) were boring but since I had nothing better to read I went on ahead. I mean I love romance and action with a little bit of mystery thrown in. I like to loose myself in a book. (Do you understand?) Well this book is slow in every one of those aspects!
    Tea's life is back to normal. Well as normal as it can be when she has Finn, Mamieo, Thomas, Roisin, etc. living in her house. Her father is back and Aiden is safe (for now) so Tea believes her life should move on like it was before all the goblin stuff happened. So she sees things most people can't see and Finn wants to move forward with their relationship. None of that is going to happen! For goblin sake they haven't even kissed yet!
    Turns out Kyle made Tea deadly sick and that is how she is like him. She can be in two different places at once which means she can go to Mag Mell and bring back Fear Doirich for the angel to kill. (Super right? Finally some excitement in her life!) So Finn manages to go with her and they have to travel with phookas until something else comes along. (good or bad? I'll let you guess!) So with the help of Gil (the only remaining phooka in the pack) they head towards where Fear Doirich is. What they didn't expect is to find Queen Mab and that she wants Tea to kill Doirich for her. Who knew?
    Will they kill Doirich like they planned? Will they make it back home safely? Or will Mab win whatever twisted game she's playing and kill Finn and Tea?
    This book does get better towards the end but not enough for me to actually sit on the edge of my chair. I was practically begging for the book to end! Loved the last line though! Brilliant! I'll be posting about the third book once I am able to locate it at a bookstore. :D