Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In the Forests of the Night Review

Title: In the Forests of the Night

Author: Kersten Hamilton

Book: (Goblin Wars, #2)

Pages: 295

Rating: 3.5/5

So since this is the second book in the series I was scared to pick it up since I don't have the third book yet. (I have issues with not having the whole series when I start reading...) Let me just say the beginning (like first 191) were boring but since I had nothing better to read I went on ahead. I mean I love romance and action with a little bit of mystery thrown in. I like to loose myself in a book. (Do you understand?) Well this book is slow in every one of those aspects!
Tea's life is back to normal. Well as normal as it can be when she has Finn, Mamieo, Thomas, Roisin, etc. living in her house. Her father is back and Aiden is safe (for now) so Tea believes her life should move on like it was before all the goblin stuff happened. So she sees things most people can't see and Finn wants to move forward with their relationship. None of that is going to happen! For goblin sake they haven't even kissed yet!
Turns out Kyle made Tea deadly sick and that is how she is like him. She can be in two different places at once which means she can go to Mag Mell and bring back Fear Doirich for the angel to kill. (Super right? Finally some excitement in her life!) So Finn manages to go with her and they have to travel with phookas until something else comes along. (good or bad? I'll let you guess!) So with the help of Gil (the only remaining phooka in the pack) they head towards where Fear Doirich is. What they didn't expect is to find Queen Mab and that she wants Tea to kill Doirich for her. Who knew?
Will they kill Doirich like they planned? Will they make it back home safely? Or will Mab win whatever twisted game she's playing and kill Finn and Tea?
This book does get better towards the end but not enough for me to actually sit on the edge of my chair. I was practically begging for the book to end! Loved the last line though! Brilliant! I'll be posting about the third book once I am able to locate it at a bookstore. :D

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