Monday, October 7, 2013

King of Bad Review

Title: King of Bad
Author: Kai Strand
Book: (Super Villain Academy, #1)

Pages: 218

Rating: 4.5/5

This is a great book! I was so sad when it was over and now I have to wait for this book to come out before the second book can come out! So not fair!! XD (make any sense?) I would like to thank goodreads anyway because if it weren't for them I wouldn't have won this book. I would also like to thank the author who sent a letter along with the book to congratulate me. Sweet of her! (Even if she sends it to all of the winners...Oh well!)
Jeff is a troublemaker. He sets fires in trashcans and ditches school when he can. One night he is spotted and takes off running but to his surprise the man is able to keep up with him. No one has ever been able to run as fast as Jeff before and that unsettles him. He manages to escape but he is discovered by Pyro who tells him what he is. He's a Super Villain!
Turns out he can control Fire, Ice, etc. and he ends up enrolling in the S.V.A (Super Villain Academy) where he learns what he has to be in order to be a Super Villain. 1, no friends or feelings, 2, no manners. (His Super Villain name is Polar, since has polar opposite powers) These things are impossible for him to do no matter what he tries. When his friend Source is kidnapped he discovers new powers and the fact that he has no other friends. The only person he considers a friend is Oceanus (Oci) but she knows they can't have friends. He can't deal with that.
He is kidnapped by what he thinks are the same people who took Source but finds a very different surprise waiting for him. (not saying!) Mystic (can put unwanted thoughts into someone's head) betrays Jeff and locks him up for ransom. She also tries to get him to fall for her mind tricks but he is already head over heels for Oceanus. It infuriates her that she can't control him.
Will Jeff escape? Will he discover more powers? Who will come for him? What will the outcome be for everyone?
I mean it is kind of predictable and my review might not make sense but I tried. I really enjoyed the book and hope (once it comes out) that you'll agree with me! Till then I'm right and you're left guessing! :D

About The Author

Kai Strand writes fiction for kids and teens. She was born and raised in the mid-west, where she inherited a wholesome outlook on life. She lived in California long enough to find a husband and have four kids. Now they live in Central Oregon, which boasts the bluest sky you'll ever see and miles of hiking trails to enjoy it from.
Kai has a facebook page: Kai Strand, Author. But her favorite stall tactic from writing is answering email. If you have a question about her or her writing, email her at

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