Saturday, October 5, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Review

Title: Star Trek Into Darkness

Year: 2013

Time: 2hrs 3min

Rating: 5/5

Loved this movie!!! I mean I didn't actually get to finish it in time for the plane to land but I could guess the ending...I mean that was all I could do till I finished the movie on the next plane ride. This movie was amazing! Sorry to all you who disagree but I loved it more than the first one, which I must say was spectacular. Oh well, they are both great and if you see this movie make sure to watch the first movie before this one.
Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) is at it again! He manages to save Spock (Zachary Quinto) from dying but in the process messes up on the mission. Sadly he is demoted to first officer while Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood) captains the Enterprise. When Pike is killed, along with many other captains, by John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) Kirk goes on a hunt for him with permission from the Starfleet General (Peter Weller). Armed with 72 (?) bombs that are intended for Harrison they take off after him to another planet behind the Klingon lines. (yikes!) When Harrison saves their lives he is taken captive aboard the Enterprise which seems like a good idea at the time. Harrison tells them about what is really going on and who the real threat. The Starfleet General comes to "aid" but then attacks the Enterprise with a ship built to destroy. One that was designed by Harrison himself. With the help of Scotty (Simon Pegg), Harrison and Kirk get on-board the ship and try to take it over. Kirk knows he cannot control or trust Harrison so he comes up with a plan while Spock (without Kirk's knowledge) also comes up with a plan.
Will Harrison indeed turn on them? What will happen to the Enterprise if he does? Will Kirk and Scotty be able to save their ship? Or will Kirk sacrifice himself to save everyone on-board while Spock goes after Harrison? What will happen?
Yay! I was indeed able to finish this movie on the flight back home! I absolutely loved it! This is a must watch! Hope I did a good enough job at describing it but I doubt I did it justice. It really was a great movie!

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