Monday, October 28, 2013

Shadow of the Mark Review

Title: Shadow of the Mark

Author: Leigh Fallon

Book: (Carrier, #2)

Pages: 305

Rating: 4.5/5

I hate to admit this but the second book was so much better than the first book! I mean I was still laughing at how silly it was all throughout the book just like I was in the first book. But this is a must read though and can't wait to get my hands on the third book. :D
So after Megan was kidnapped everything has to go back to normal. Well as normal as it can be when she can control air. Especially when her power is growing much stronger and is drawing powers, not just from Adam, from Aine and Rian whose powers are drawn to hers now. (what more could happen to poor pathetic Megan?)
Rian starts to date a new girl in school called Chloe and they hit it off but Rian corners Megan and almost kisses her because of their powers. (So messed up!) Adam finds out and so does Hugh (someone from the Order) and he rushes off to look something up. So they are left clueless to how Megan is doing all of this without meaning to.
Then they all go to Sweden because Chloe turns out to be a Knight (people who protect the Marked ones) and because Rian doesn't like that she lied to him. They find, not only Chloe, but a bunch of Knights including Fionn's brother Cu. So they all come go back home where Adam and Megan decide to take it all the way while they are out on the boat. One problem...Megan ends up taking Adam's power, leaving him unconscious.
With help she manages to get his power back to him but they have to stay away from each other. In fact Megan has to stay away from all of them because she is a Cluain and can take all of their powers away from them bringing on the Age of the Fifth.
When the DeRises are all taken by Knox (bad people set on the end of the world or some such fun) Megan is taken by one that they thought was a friend. Turns out the mighty Anu was still alive and hell-bent on making Megan take all of their powers and in turn give them all to her.
Will Megan be able to survive taking all of their powers? Who will be killed in the transfer? Will the Age of the Fifth come to pass? What will Megan do with all of the knowledge given to her? Who dies??
A bit dramatic in the review wasn't I? Oh well I loved the book and suggest (if you didn't like the first book) to read the second book. They (Adam and Megan) still can't do what normal couples do and that in itself is really annoying. After all I've read enough books where the two main characters cannot be together and it gets old really fast. But never mind that because it is a great book!

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