Sunday, June 30, 2013

RED Movie Review

Title: RED

Year: 2010

Time: 1hr 51min

Rating: 5/5

Oh my gosh! I love this movie so much and can't wait till RED 2 comes out next month! Ahhhh! All the actors are magnificent at their roles. It is all very far fetched but it is so dang funny!
Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is a former CIA hit guy who has been ordered killed by (guess who) the CIA. He now has to save Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker) from being killed also. She's the girl who he likes (very much). Together they find Marvin (John Malkovich), Victoria (Helen Mirren), and Jo (Morgan Freeman) who are also on the list to be killed. Well Victoria isn't on the list but she will help them discover who has ordered the hits anyway.
They find out who ordered the hits and go after him. Sooooo funny! The first time I had seen it I was laughing so hard and now I'm still laughing. The actors and actresses in this movie are perfect for the movie and they all play the parts so magnificently.
Oh this is a must watch movie! I love Bruce Willis in everything he does and I hope you all agree with me about my review.

Friday, June 28, 2013

White House Down Movie Review

Title: White House Down

Year: 2013

Time: 2hrs 17min

Rating: 4/5

When I saw this movie preview I thought it looked an awful lot like Olympus Has Fallen. Well I'm not sure if it is since I haven't seen OHF yet. Don't tell me anything! I must say I LOVED White House Down though! When the movie was over I couldn't stop shaking! It was sooooooooo intense!
John Cale (Channing Tatum) is on a protective detail for the Secretary of State (I think) and he goes to the White House to apply for Secret Service Detail. Unlucky for him he didn't make the cut so he and his daughter (who thinks he is now in the Secret Service) go on a tour of the White House. They meet President James Sawyer (Jamie Foxx) who Emily Cale (Joey King) records him for her Internet Blog. I love this little girl! So smart!
That's when it all goes to hell! Where to begin... Well "terrorist" break into the White House and blow up the Capitol building too! These guys are pros but they never expected Cale to be able to take them on. He and the President hide from the "terrorists" and occasionally take a few out.
I'm saying "terrorists" like this because they are Americans and work with the top guy in the Secret Service who turned on the President. (trying NOT to spoil anything here!)
Needless to say there are quite a few (good looking XD) bad guys and Emily managed to post a video of them on her blog before she got caught. She is SOOOOOO brave! (I wouldn't have let myself get caught though)
Oh my goodness I LOVED this movie! It rocked! So it was very unbelievable! I didn't start picking it apart till after the movie ended. My family and I always pick movie apart when we have time to think about it. Kind of ruins's still a kickass movie though!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Splintered Review

Title: Splintered

Author: A.G. Howard

Book: (Splintered, #1)

Pages: 384

Rating: 3.5/5

Ok with this book I was really nervous about since my friend hated it. I had first seen it at B&N where I looked at it longingly as I picked another book. When I went back for it I unfortunately couldn't find it. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed. My friend got the book and told me it was awful so I borrowed it just because I wanted to read it so badly. I'm glad I did because even though it is a bit juvenile it was very intense in places. I do hate love triangles though especially when both the guys are perfect!
Alyssa is cursed just like the other females of her family. She keeps it a secret that she can understand what flowers and bugs are saying but her mother got locked away in an institution because of it. She even believes her mother is insane till the night she discovered it was all true. Her ancestor really did fall down a rabbit hole and wind up in Wonderland! The real Wonderland! Freaky!
Jeb is her next door neighbour and best friend. She's had a crush on him for a very long time though she would never admit it to him. He manages to come with her when Alyssa goes down into wonderland to fix what Alice had messed up. There she meets Morpheus and she remembers him from her childhood dreams.
Both of the guys are in love with her which means both of them hate each other. Alyssa has help from both of them as she fixes the messes and helps others. When that is complete she hopes they will be allowed to go home but they were deceived.
Alyssa discovers what her family curse is and fights to break it before her mom goes crazy for real or dies.
I loved this book and even though I studied I read this on breaks. Whenever I set it down I couldn't stop thinking about it! I felt I was going mad! XD I recommend this book to anyone who loves books based on Alice in Wonderland!

About The Author

A.G. Howard was inspired to write Splintered while working at a school library. Her pastimes are reading, rollerblading, gardening, and family vacations which often include impromptu side trips to 18th century graveyards or condemned schoolhouses to appease her overactive muse.
Her debut YA fantasy, Splintered, a dark Alice in Wonderland spinoff, is now available from Amulet Books. The sequel, Unhinged, is due to launch January 2014.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Out of the Dust Review

Title: Out of the Dust

Author: Karen Hesse

Pages: 240

Rating: 3.5/5

Sorry if this review is too short for you but there isn't a whole lot to the story. Sorry.
I was told to read this for school and was unmotivated to do so until I actually started reading it. I can't tell you much about it other than it is a collection of poems. I love it so much that within days I had finished it! It is a great story of the lives and the land devastated by the Dust Bowl.
Billy Jo is a young girl who's mother just died and her father won't talk about it. The only way she escapes from her life is to play piano but she can't even do that because of her injured hand.
While others escape from the dust storms that are devastating farms in Oklahoma her father and her stay.
This book won the Newbery Medal and many other awards! I now know why! Reading this book you soon forget it consists of poems and all you read is this girls story. This is a great book for all ages and I highly recommend it though this review and the book isn't very long.

About The Author

Karen Hesse is an American author of children's literature and literature for young adults, often with historical settings. Her novel Out of the Dust was the winner of the 1998 Newbery Medal and the Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction. In 2002, Hesse was a recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship.
For more information, please see

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Out of Sight Movie Review

Title: Out of Sight

Year: 1998

Time: 2hr 2min

Rating: 3.5/5

Ok I lied...I will be doing quite a few movie reviews when I have the time. XD I figured that movies are occasionally as good as books. Sometimes the movies are much better than books! Like the Lord of the Rings movies are much better than the books...Does anyone disagree?
This movie is a comedy though is does have action and crime in it. It was made in 1998. Some parts of it a REALLY stupid but overall I loved this movie. Mainly I didn't care for Jennifer Lopez who in the movie is dating a married man. I mean why do women do that? Why ruin someone's life like that?
Jack Foley (George Clooney) is a career bank robber who's only fault is he keeps getting caught. He's great at robbing banks (don't get me wrong) but the last few times he's gotten locked up. When he escapes from prison he and a friend steal Karen Sisco's (Jennifer Lopez) car and she just happens to be in the trunk with Jack. HAHAHA! So it all begins!
Karen is a US Marshal who goes after Jack after she escapes. Jack and his partner Buddy Bragg (Ving Rhames) go after diamonds that a rich man has. Richard Ripley (Albert Brooks) was in jail with the two of them and Jack has a grudge against Ripley.
Unfortunately they meet up with another guy (VERY bad guy) that they were in jail with too and all his buddies (REALLY evil guys). It's a race to see who gets to the diamonds first but will it cost Jack his life and future with Karen.
Ok it is kind of a romantic comedy and a bit stupid. I just LOVE George Clooney though! They work well together in this movie though my opinion of Jennifer Lopez isn't as high as it once was (not just because of the movie but because of other things).

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sahara Movie Review

Title: Sahara

Year: 2005

Time: 2hrs 3min

Rating: 4.5/5

This is a great movie that I've watched so many times I know almost all the lines! It is funny but it is serious too! A wonderful combination! It's based on a book by Clive Cussler called Sahara. I haven't read it yet but I hope to read it later on after I read the rest of the series. The movie was released in 2005 and made $68,642,448. To me that's amazing!
Dirk Pitt (Matthew McConaughey) and Al Giordino (Steve Zahn) are both men who find underwater treasure. Well Dirk is the one who does. Al is just helps him on the NUMA ship. Dirk saves Eva Rojas (Penelope Cruz) from being killed by some men and he takes her upriver to Mali. Dirk and Al are looking for an ironclad that sailed up the river sometime after the Civil War.
She is a doctor with the WHO (World Health Organization) and they are investigating the source of a plague in the region. Some men don't want her to find the source though and are willing to kill her to keep it a secret.
When Dirk, Al, and Rudi (Rainn Wilson) their researcher, get attacked by soldiers who are looking for the doctor they decide to go after her. Dirk and Al save Eva after her colleagues are all killed by General Zateb Kazim (Lennie James) and his men. Together they go after the source and manage to find it. It wasn't what they were expecting at all.
Will they be able to stop the plague from spreading across the whole world? Will they be able to find the ironclad as they do so? Will they be able to make it out of there alive?
Yes I'm good at making things dramatic but it really IS intense! I don't really have a favorite part but I have to say the music is great! It is kind of old music but to me (who's mom made me listen to it as I grew up) the music fits perfectly with the movie. It is so funny and I recommend it for everyone that loves adventure.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fallen Review

Title: Fallen

Author: Lauren Kate

Book: (Fallen, #1)

Pages: 464

Rating: 4/5

I personally love Fallen by Lauren Kate but the rest of the series well...I'll get to that later. I have never been interested in fallen angels but this book changed my mind. Ok some of the romance parts were so so bad! I was laughing so loud and so hard I couldn't breathe! Not the point though. Other parts were serious and overall I loved the book!
Lucinda Price (Luce) is sent to Sword & Cross boarding school in Savannah when she has to abandon her old school because of an accident. She never meant for it to happen. She never knew that the shadows (only she can see) could hurt anyone. That doesn't matter though because no one believes that it wasn't her fault. So here she is stuck in hell trying to make the best of it.
Daniel Grigori is a handsome guy at her school that goes out of his way to avoid her despite the strong connection they have to each other. She feels she knows him from somewhere but can't figure out where and she is determined to find out. She knows he's hiding something from her but can't discover what he is on her own.
Cam is a bad boy who takes an eager interest in Luce and seems to appear when she least expects it. She likes him but it doesn't feel right. Not like it does when she's with Daniel. When Cam messes up Daniel shows up to save her and that is when she figures out something is wrong. She's supposed to die when she kisses him. It's inevitable but for some reason she lives.
Something must've changed! In all her past lives she has died but now she discovers the truth about Daniel, Cam, and several others at the school. The truth is so frightening that she might not be able to survive it.
Ok I'm being a bit dramatic but some parts of the book are intense. Very few but they are enough to make the book great! My friend recommended this book and I'm glad she did because I might have never read it if it weren't for her. Look for my reviews on the next few books in the series and the in-between novel. Hope you agree with my review and if you haven't read it I definitely recommend it even if the writing is a bit juvenile.

About The Author

Lauren Kate grew up in Dallas, went to school in Atlanta, and started writing in New York.
She is the author of Fallen, Torment, Passion, Fallen In Love, Rapture and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove. She lives in Laurel Canyon with her husband and hopes to work in a restaurant kitchen, get a dog, and learn how to surf.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Journey 2 the Mysterious Island Movie Review

Title: Journey 2: the Mysterious Island

Year: 2012

Time: 1hr 34min

Rating: 4/5

I have watched this movie so many times and have only just begun to get tired of it! Sure it's a bit silly (ok it's very silly) but it is still a good adventure movie! I know many people don't like Josh Hutcherson (don't understand why) but hopefully you will still be able to enjoy this movie.
Sean (Josh Hutcherson) intercepts a message that he believes is from him grandfather Alexander Anderson (Michael Caine). His stepfather Hank (Dwayne Johnson) helps him crack the code and together they go in search for the Mysterious Island where Alexander is.
Sean and Hank enlist the help of Gabato (Luis Guzman) and Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens) to help them get to the island. When the helicopter is torn apart in the storm they are stuck on the island. Just as they find Alexander all five of them must find a way off the island before it sinks back down to the bottom of the ocean
Some of the writing is bad but the actors do their best with what they have and they do a great job. It is very entertaining though a bit predictable in parts. This movie makes me wish that there was such a place and that I ended up finding it! That's just me though! Hope you agree with my opinion of the movie but I understand if you don't. Everyone views things differently.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How To Steal A Million Movie Review

Title: How to Steal a Million

Year: 1966

Time: 2hrs 7min

Rating: 5/5

I know I usually post about books but I will occasionally post about movies that I enjoy and recommend for everyone else. This is one that slipped through the crack when my mom insisted I watch old movies. I've watched way TOO many old movies! For me an old movie is anything before 1990 because some are so so sooooo bad! This movie was released in 1966! WOW! I was apprehensive about watching it even though it had Audrey Hepburn (my FAVORITE actress!) in it. I have a problem with starting movies unless I've seen them before so it was hard for me to sit down and watch it. Don't ask me why because I don't know...I'm so glad I watched it though! I was laughing almost the whole time!
Nicole (Audrey Hepburn) is the daughter of the art forger Bonnet (Hugh Griffith). Mr. Bonnet is so hilarious and his appearances match what you would expect an good natured old art forger to look like. (Oh I'm stereotyping! Sorry!) When the museum borrows a piece of art (Venus statue), that Nicole's grandfather forged using her grandmother as a model, Nicole worries about them doing tests on it to prove it is authentic. Nicole isn't good at lying...
One night Simon Dermott (Peter O'Toole) breaks into their house to get a sample from a painting to see if it is a forgery. Slight problem to his plan...Nicole ends up accidentally shooting him in the arm. She believes he is a robber and when she sees (thinks she sees) that he is trying to steal a forgery she knows she can't call the police. That would get her father in trouble for forgery!
So she drives him to his place at the Ritz and thinks that is the end of it. Boy is she wrong! Simon is infatuated with her and she can't seem to get rid of him. When she and her father learn that the statue is going to be tested for authenticity Nicole goes to Simon for help. Since she believes he's a burglar she thinks he can help her steal it back! HAHAHA!
Oh the way they go about trying to steal it had me falling out of my chair laughing! I love this movie so much!
Long story short they fall in love. Ahhhhh...Amore! (Gah I hopped I spelled it right!) :O
This movie is so funny! The two of them are so funny together! XD This is one of the best romantic comedies that that I've seen and I recommend it for everyone no matter what age you are!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Maze Runner Review

Title: The Maze Runner

Author: James Dashner

Book: (Maze Runner, #1)

Pages: 400

Rating: 4/5

I read what this is about online and had to have it! Once I started reading it though I was so bored but I forced myself through it and found that I couldn't put it down. It took me much longer than it usually would to finish it but once I did I wish I'd gotten the second and third book too!
Thomas wakes up in the lift to find he has no recollection of anything but his name. When he is pulled out he finds himself in the Glade surrounded by a bunch of other boys. Like him they know nothing about themselves but their names. Every thirty days a new boy appears but Thomas is the beginning of something else.
The very next day a girl appears in the shaft and tells them they need to find a way out. She tells them she is the last and the end of their lives is coming (or something like that). If they don't find a way out of the maze they will be killed by the Grievers.
The Grievers are machines that you don't want to be stuck in the maze with if you get locked in at night. They will kill you! Not fun!
Though the maze is unsolvable Thomas is doing his best to find a way out. He knows the way out! See he remembers some of his past the more he stays there and he knows he has seen the girl before. In fact it was with her help that he was able to build the maze for the people who sent them there. They were sent there to be tested!
Once they figure a way out what will be waiting for them all? What will happen to them?
It is a really good book if you can make it through the boring parts that make you fall asleep. I can't wait to get the second book to see how they make it in their new environment with zombielike people! Oooohhhhh!

About The Author

James is the author of The Maze Runner trilogy and The 13th Reality series. He also published a series (beginning with A Door In The Woods) with a small publisher several years ago. He lives and writes in the Rocky Mountains.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

Blue Moon Review

Title: Blue Moon

Author: Alyson Noel

Book: (The Immortals, #2)

Pages: 256

Rating: 1/5

UGH! I hate this book! So unnecessary and it made me sooooooo angry! I was screaming at how stupid this book was and the only reason I finished it was because I wanted to see if it would get better. It didn't! Why did the author have to ruin the series???
Ever and Damon are growing more attached and are about to have their first night in a hotel room together. yuck! In all her past lives they had never had sex so they are looking forward to it. That didn't last long since a new guy shows up in school. Roman (at least I think that's his name) takes Ever's place (NOT in that way) and brain washes him. Damen soon forgets Ever and despises everything about her. They never get their night together.
Ever is struggling to change her past so she can go back and prevent her parents death. Also so she can be human again instead of an Immortal like Damen.
Roman is a guy much like Damon who was in love with the girl Ever killed in the first book. He wants payback by making Ever lose Damen. Well not lose him lose him but at the end of the book they can't touch him without it killing him. What a stupid STUPID twist!!
What is wrong with the author that made her think this was a good idea? I mean who does that to the main characters? I was so upset that though I have the next two books I can't make myself read them. They just sit on my shelf gathering dust. One day I might get to them but not until I forget this book!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Strands of Bronze and Gold Review

Title: Strands of Bronze and Gold

Author: Jane Nickerson

Pages: 352

Rating: 3.5/5

This is a great book! I was nervous about reading this since my friend found it...well awful! But I have had so many different opinions on books I thought I'd give it a try. I had NEVER heard of Bluebeard so I didn't know what to expect but I found myself on the edge of my seat. Sure it's a bit slow in the beginning, a bit weird, and predictable. I loved it, though I'm ashamed to say it took me three to four days to finish. :(
Sophia has just lost her father and moves to Mississippi to live with her godfather Monsieur Bernard de Cressac. His estate is called Wyndriven Abbey. Sure she falls in love (so she thinks) with her godfather but it doesn't last long! Soon she sees who he really is and begins to fear him. I am not surprised she fancied herself in love since he never ceased to flirt with her and to buy her pretty things.
Gideon Stone is a preacher who meets Sophia one day in the woods. They continue to meet in private until his...pride got in the way and he ceased meeting her. He wanted to court her properly.
He's so foolish! Once he left she HAD to get engaged to her godfather so she could help pay her family's debt off.
AGH! I was on the edge of my seat wondering when she'd figure out what he did to his last four wives! It drove me mad that she continued to deny the signs!
I guess it wasn't her fault since her godfather could be quite charming when he needed to be. Still it is kind of OBVIOUS he has a terrible temper and it EXTREMELY INSANE! *eye roll
I was a bit bored when I began it but I was soon flipping through pages like crazy! The only reason it took so long to finish is because I have class and HAVE to study for the next test! I hate summer college classes! Everything goes by so quickly I can't keep up! Anyway I'm so glad I read this book despite what my friend told me!

About The Author

For many years, Jane Nickerson and her family lived in a big old house in Aberdeen, Mississippi, where she worked as the children's librarian at the local public library. She has always loved the South, "the olden days," gothic tales, houses, kids, writing, and interesting villains. She and her husband now make their home in Ontario, Canada.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Evermore Review

Title: Evermore

Author: Alyson Noel

Book: (The Immortals, #1)

Pages: 320

Rating: 4.5/5

I love this book! I have read and reread it so many times I've lost count! I was so excited that it was a series until I picked up the second book and started reading! UGH! But that's for another review...
Ever has just moved in with her aunt when her whole family died in a car accident. An accident in which she was the only survivor. Now she is seeing her  dead sister. She is also seeing things she can't explain. She can see peoples auras! She can see peoples emotions! (WEIRD!) All except the new guy in school.
Damen is a mysterious new student that holds the secret to why Ever can see what she does. He seems to know everything about her. He tries to keep her from dying again (like she does with ever reincarnation) she begins to piece together pieces of his life.
When Damen's past girlfriend comes around Ever is in real danger but she doesn't know it. Ever turns to a psychic who has the same abilities as she does. As her feelings grow stronger for Damen he surprises her by disappearing from her life.
As she falls into underage drinking and it threatens to tear her life apart. (it really is better than I'm making it out to be...) Damen comes back in time to save her life but it up to Ever to defeat the evil that threatens to destroy her.
I SWEAR it is much better than it sounds! The only thing wrong with it is that it is a series... NOOO! The second book is sooooooo bad! Only read the first one or else you will never read this book again! Why did Alyson Noel have to write a second book??? :'(

About The Author

Born and raised in Orange County, California, she's lived in both Mykonos and Manhattan and is now settled in Southern California where she's working on her next book. Alyson Noël is the international bestselling author of the Immortals series, the Riley Bloom series, the Soul Seekers series and seven previous novels for St. Martin’s Press.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Beautiful and the Cursed Review

Title: The Beautiful and the Cursed

Author: Page Morgan

Book: (The Dispossessed, #1)

Pages: 352

Rating: 5/5

I absolutely loved this book!
Since I'd just finished a test I decided to read as much as I could since I had class the next day. Today. UGH! I need a break! Anyway I wound up reading the whole thing in ONE day! How cool is that? Forget about werewolves! Bring on gargoyles!
In the city of Paris girls have gone missing and trouble looms ahead for the Dispossessed and the Alliance.
Ingrid though the world was normal, or relatively normal at least. Since the accident she caused her mother decided to bring her and her sister Gabby to Paris with her where they were supposed to meet Grayson. Grayson is Ingrid's twin and has apparently been missing for four days! Why weren't the police contacted!? Then she meets Luc a boy who seems to despise her immediately. For the life of her she can't figure out why!
Luc is one of the Dispossessed and it his job to watch over his human charges which include Ingrid and her family who live on sacred ground. He is a gargoyle! So cool! His attachment to Ingrid is MUCH stronger than it is for the rest of them and it makes his job harder to do. On one hand he needs to protect the whole family but on the other he wants to be there whenever Ingrid needs him.
Nolan and Vander are fighters from the Alliance who kill demons. While Nolan is obsessed with Gabby, Vander falls in love with Ingrid.
I HATE love triangles! But hey this one isn't the worst!
Turns out Grayson (missing) and Ingrid have powers themselves. Demon powers! Whaaaa? Anyway friends turn out to be enemies and time draws nearer for the Harvest. Some demon (Alexia) in the Underground wants to take something from Ingrid but Luc will do anything to stop it.
Oh I LOVE the book! The end drove me mad since I have to wait till NEXT year before the next book comes out! AGHHHHH! The fact that I read a 344 page book in one day means it is a good book! If you make it through the first chapter (someone I know didn't) you will be sucked in! Read, read, READ!

About The Author

Page Morgan has been intrigued by les grotesques ever since she came across an old, black-and-white photograph of a Notre Dame gargoyle keeping watch over the city of Paris. The gargoyle mythologies she went on to research fed her imagination, and she became inspired to piece together her own story and mythology for these complex stone figures. Page lives in New England with her husband and their three children.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Prom and Prejudice Review

Title: Prom & Prejudice

Author: Elizabeth Eulberg

Pages: 240

Cuteness: 5/5

Rating: 4/5

This is a cute book that is obviously a modern day telling of Pride and Prejudice with slight differences. Ok it is very different! Still a very cute book for teens!
Lizzie Bennet, who attends Longbourn on a scholarship, is a normal girl unlike all the rich snobs who treat her like dirt. Her only friend is her roommate (Jane) who like everyone else is in search for a prom date from the boy's school across the way. Jane manages to find a boy (Charles Bingley) who seems to be interested in her too. He has a stuck-up friend (Will Darcy) who threatens to tear the couple apart.
Lizzie is a pianist who dreams of making it big one day and wishes all the joy in the world for her friend. When Jane's heart is broken Lizzie blames Charles, his sister, and Will. Lizzie becomes friends with a boy (Wickham) who hates Will just as much as she does since Will got him kicked out of the school.
Even though she hates him Will does his best to change her mind. When he asks her to prom though he finds out that her feelings haven't changed. Even though he knows she hates him he still helps her out. (NO SPOILERS!!! XD)
When Jane's sister runs away with Wickham she turns to Will for help. After the incident Lizzie waits for Will to talk to her but he avoids her. She knows that if he asked her to the prom again that she's say yes.
Will he ask her? Will he even talk to her again?
Read the book to find out! Yes it is somewhat the same so you already know it ends happily but it is still the cutest read. Ok ok I'm strange but it is SO CUTE!!!

About The Author

Elizabeth Eulberg was born and raised in Wisconsin before heading off to Syracuse University and then making a career in the New York City book biz. She lives outside of Manhattan with her three guitars, two keyboards, and one drumstick. In researching The Lonely Hearts Club, she tried swearing off boys forever. It didn’t work. She did, however, learn how to play Rachmaninoff’s Eighteenth Variation from Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini on the piano while writing Prom and Prejudice, so she’s not a total slacker.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Vampire Stalker Review

Title: The Vampire Stalker

Author: Allison Van Diepen

Pages: 272

Rating: 4/5

I was given this book by a friend since she didn't like it. Nice thing to do right? Well it was since I ended up enjoying the book immensely even though it is far fetched.
Amy is a girl who like the rest of the world has an obsession with a book series about another version of Chicago. Unlike her friends she falls for the character Alexander Banks who is a handsome vampire hunter. (I mean everyone falls in love with a character in a book now and then right??) She dreams and wishes that he were real but she never expected for him to actually save her life. But one night it happens and she is totally confused by the sight of Alexander. How could Alexander and Vigo (the head vampire of Otherworld Chicago) get from their world to hers?
She helps Alexander out and in return he keeps hunting Vigo which was what he was going to do anyway but at least he has someplace to stay. As he gets closer to catching  Vigo they have to protect the author of the books who knows Vigo's weaknesses. Once she is safe they have eyt another problem.
Amy's sister gets kidnapped by Vigo and he wants Alexander in exchange. Needless to say they save her sister just as two more characters come out of the book in search of Alexander. With help from the school librarian they find a way to get back to their world. Will Alexander, the guy she's fallen in love with, go back or will he stay with the girl he has fallen for? Will Vigo die or go back into their Chicago?
Sure the book is a bit predictable but it is still a good book! Not all predictable books are good but some are! I know not everyone will agree with me on this review but I really believe this is a good book!

About The Author

Allison van Diepen is the author of six teen novels: Street Pharm, Snitch, Raven, The Oracle of Dating, The Oracle Rebounds, and The Vampire Stalker. Her novels have been named ALA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers and New York City Public Library Books for the Teen Age.  Please visit her online at

Monday, June 10, 2013

One for the Money Review

Title: One For The Money               Title: One For The Money

Author: Janet Evanovich                 Year: 2012

Book: (Stephanie Plum, #1)             Movie: 1

Pages: 352                                        Time: 1hr 46min

Rating: 5/5                                       Rating: 5/5

I was very angry when I hopped in the car and mom made me listen to the book on tape. I mean who wants to think early in the morning right? I wanted music! As I listened to the book I did my best not to laugh but soon I was cracking up with my mom. This is a great book filled with humor and shots of intense action.
Stephanie Plum is an average divorcé who just got fired from her job as a lingerie buyer for a department store. So she finds a job working for her creepy cousin Vinnie as a Bounty Hunter. When she discovers a guy she used to know she immediately wants in. See she holds a grudge against this guy for so many things and it isn't enough that she ran him over in her car. Twice! No she wants to take him to jail and collect the $50,000 bond which she gets 10% of.
Joe Morelli is a Trenton cop who appears to have shot an unarmed man for no reason. So while he's in hiding he's also trying to find the missing witness and his informant who have both disappeared. On a few occasions he even runs in to Stephanie who doesn't know what she's doing.
Since she doesn't know what in the world she is doing she turns to Ranger, or Range man. Oh I don't care if he keeps secrets! He's perfect! Ahhhhh....
He helps her get everything she needs to take Joe down. But there is more danger than she ever expected! Benito Ramirez is a prizefighter who has raped three women but never been convicted since all the women "disappear". He's bad news for Stephanie since he's set his eyes on her.
When her friend gets hurt and Joe winds up at her place she will do anything to put Benito away for good. With Joe's help she finds everything she needs to turn them all in.
I love this book! It is so great! Even though the movie is a bit different and the characters aren't what I expected I loved the movie and have watched it at least twice...:S
Yes it is bit of an adult book but I still thing it is a great read and isn't as adult as some of the other books that I am "banned from reading". Like that is really going to stop me from finishing the Stephanie Plum series!

About The Author

Janet Evanovich is the author of the Stephanie Plum books, including Two for the Dough and Sizzling Sixteen, and the Diesel & Tucker series, including Wicked Appetite. Janet studied painting at Douglass College, but that art form never quite fit, and she soon moved on to writing stories. She didn’t have instant success: she collected a big box of rejection letters. As she puts it, “When the box was full I burned the whole damn thing, crammed myself into pantyhose and went to work for a temp agency.” But after a few months of secretarial work, she managed to sell her first novel for $2,000. She immediately quit her job and started working full-time as a writer. After 12 romance novels, she switched to mystery, and created Stephanie Plum. The rest is history. Janet’s favorite exercise is shopping, and her drug of choice is Cheeze Doodles. She and her husband live in New Hampshire, in house with a view of the Connecticut River Valley.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Safe Haven Review

Title: Safe Haven

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Pages: 368

Rating: 4.5/5

It's kind of a book for adults but I enjoyed it! Haven't seen the movie so I can't tell you if it is like the movie or not...All I can tell you is that the book is super!
Katie has moved to Southport, NC to escape from her horrible life. She has managed to escape from her husband and is now living in a tiny house on the outskirts of town. To pay rent she works at a diner and has a next-door neighbor called Jo who she quickly becomes friends with.
Alex is a store owner with two kids that he raises alone since his wife died. When he meets Katie he becomes intrigued. (I wouldn't call it love at first sight) She goes to his shop and he finally invites her to go on a trip to the beach with all of them.
As they fall in love she tells him the truth about her past and even her real name which she had to give up to stay safe. When danger strikes will that pull them apart or will they conquer?
Yes I know I didn't write a bunch about the book! It would ruin it if I did! Some things are better to be discovered on your own. Just because I like spoilers doesn't mean you will! This book is reminds me of another movie but this is much better than that movie. Can't wait to see Safe Haven! By the time I get around to it I will probably be able to watch it on TV without paying for it!

About The Author

As a child, Nicholas Sparks lived in Minnesota, Los Angeles, and Grand Island, Nebraska, finally settling in Fair Oaks, California at the age of eight. His father was a professor, his mother a homemaker, then optometrist's assistant. He lived in Fair Oaks through high school, graduated valedictorian in 1984, and received a full track scholarship to the University of Notre Dame.
After breaking the Notre Dame school record as part of a relay team in 1985 as a freshman (a record which still stands), he was injured and spent the summer recovering. During that summer, he wrote his first novel, though it was never published. He majored in Business Finance and graduated with high honors in 1988.
He and his wife Catherine, who met on spring break in 1988, were married in July, 1989. While living in Sacramento, he wrote his second novel that same year, though again, it wasn't published. He worked a variety of jobs over the next three years, including real estate appraisal, waiting tables, selling dental products by phone, and started his own small manufacturing business which struggled from the beginning. In 1990, he collaborated on a book with Billy Mills, the Olympic Gold Medalist and it was published by Feather Publishing before later being picked up by Random House. (It was recently re-issued by Hay House Books.) Though it received scant publicity, sales topped 50,000 copies in the first year of release.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Enchanted Review

Title: Enchanted

Author: Alethea Kontis

Book: (Woodcutter Sister, #1)

Pages: 329

Rating: 3.5/5

When I read the jacket of the book I immediately wanted it but I had to wait a while before I got it! I was going crazy waiting for it! Once I got the book I realized it had more than one fairytale in it! It was incredible!
Sunday is the seventh of six daughters and has two brothers. She is also the most lonely. She loves to write but the only thing she can write about is the past or else bad things happen. See when she writes the things she writes tend to come true.
One day she is out in the woods by an old fairy well when she meets a frog. Not just a normal frog but one that can talk! She kisses it but nothing happens so she promises everyday she can to come and read to him about her life.
One of her brothers is not really her brother. He is a boy her father found in the woods and took him in. When he makes the mistake of selling a cow for beans she is given a gold bauble from the frog.
The frog is actually a prince (big surprise) and one of the times Sunday kisses him he turns back into Prince Rumbold. But she isn't there to know he's turned back into a man... He goes home and immediately holds many balls in order to meet Sunday and win her heart as a man.
While Sunday inevitably finds out about his secret the prince finds out about the king and a plot. When the king becomes a giant after marrying one of Sunday's sisters it is up to all of them to turn her sister back into a human. She's been turned into a goose!
When all is said and done this is a weirdly cool book! For anyone who loves fairytales this book is a must read!

About The Author

Alethea Kontis is the New York Times best-selling co-author of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The Dark-Hunter Companion, and the author of two picture books. Alethea was a student of science fiction greats Andre Norton and Orson Scott Card, and she has worked in a number of book-related jobs. She lives in Virginia. Visit her website at

Friday, June 7, 2013

Grave Mercy Review

Title: Grave Mercy

Author: Robin LaFevers

Book: (His Fair Assassin, #1)

Pages: 560

Rating: 5/5

This is a wonderful book that gives women the upper hand! Even though they are confined to wear dresses (as was customary back then) they can still kick butt! It makes me wish I were a daughter of Death too! yes I know it is all fiction! :(
Ismae is the Daughter of St. Mortain, the god of Death Himself! Super cool! At the beginning of the book she doesn't know that! All she knows is that her father is selling her to a man to be married. A father who beat her and her mother all the time.
When people help her escape she finds herself in an abbey on an island filled with women. All of which are the Daughters of Death. There are teachers there to teach her in the art of death and she soon finds friends and learns how to kill quickly and efficiently.
She is sent on a mission to kill someone who is a traitor to the Duchess. She (the duchess) is looking for a husband so she can be crowned (or something like that). Ismae is sent there with Gavriel Duval the Duchess's brother. He doesn't trust her but respects her abilities to kill. She can see the Mark that tells her how they are going to die and if they are traitors. As she discovers traitors the list of suitors dwindles when some are killed mysteriously.
Ismae and Gavriel begin to trust one another but there is a traitor who has poisoned him. She longs to help him but she must go with the Duchess to protect her from a man that would do anything to become the Duchess's husband. Will she get back in time to save him?
I love their complicated love and the way I didn't predict who the traitor was until she broke into his room! Absolutely superb! Robin Lafevers is a great author and I can't wait till the third book! Look for my review on the second book Dark Triumph!

About The Author

Robin LaFevers was raised on fairy tales, Bulfinch’s mythology, and nineteenth-century poetry. It is not surprising that she grew up to be a hopeless romantic. R.L. LaFevers (Robin Lorraine when she’s in really big trouble) grew up surrounded by shelves of old dusty books and a passel of brothers. She has also spent a large portion of her life being told she was making up things that weren’t there, which only proves she was destined to write fiction. She is the author of over fourteen books for young readers, including THEODOSIA AND THE SERPENTS OF CHAOS, (Houghton Mifflin, 2007) which received starred reviews and was a Junior Library Guild selection, a Booksense Summer Pick, and nominated for the Malice Domestic’s Agatha Award, and the NATHANIEL FLUDD, BEASTOLOGIST series. Her first young adult novel, GRAVE MERCY, will be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in Spring of 2012. She currently lives with her husband and a demonic cat in Southern California and spends her days gazing longingly at ancient artifacts or wallowing in old forgotten texts.

The Name of the Star Review

Title: The Name of the Star

Author: Maureen Johnson

Book: (Shades of London, #1)

Pages: 384

Rating: 4/5

As I've said before on another post I absolutely love Jack the Ripper type murders! Call me weird but since they never caught the guy I absolutely love speculations! Though some find this book a bit far fetched I believe it is a good book!
Rory has moved from Louisiana to London where she is forced to go to school and live with another girl as her roommate. She doesn't mind since they become best friends but she finds out that there have been a series of  Jack the Ripper type murders. When her school goes on lockdown she and her new friend break out and on their way back into the school Rory sees and talks to a man.
It turns out she saw the murderer but there is one problem. No one else saw him. Not even her friend! She ends up kissing a boy in school but it is just icky and irrelevant!
She finds out that since her near death experience she can see ghosts. She's not the only one either. It turns out that there is a squad of kids like herself that can see ghosts and they are trying to find the Ripper copycat. He's a ghost! A ghost is killing all these people! O.O
So it is a little far fetched but it is still a good. Rory finds that not all ghosts are dangerous and she even makes some friends. When the Ripper copycat comes after her she finds that she can't possibly hope to defeat him.
I won't spoil anything about it but I will say that ghosts can be very helpful! I can't wait to read the second book that I just recently found out about!

About The Author

Maureen knew from an early age she wanted to be a writer. She went to high school at an all-girls' Catholic school and graduated from University of Delaware with a degree in writing. She now lives and writes in New York City.
Many of the adventures Maureen's characters face in her books are based on real-life stories. Maureen has traveled all over Europe, and is a Secret Sister to vlog brothers Hank and John Green.
Maureen Johnson ( is the author of seven young adult novels, including the New York Times bestselling Let It Snow.

Scarlet Review

Title: Scarlet

Author: A.C. Gaughen

Book: (Scarlet, #1)

Pages: 304

Rating: 3.5/5

Scarlet is a classic retelling of Robin Hood! It has a big twist though that I will not tell you until later on in this post! I was dubious about this book but I really enjoyed reading it! I love all the movies about Robin Hood so I thought why not read the book!
Will Scarlet helps Robin, John Little, and Freddy rob carriages and give their spoils to the poor (the same thing Robin and his band of thieves always do in every movie). Scarlet is good at stealing and never gets caught. But Scarlet has a secret, she's a girl! No one but Robin and his men know about her with very few exceptions.
They are all in danger when Lord Gisbourne  shows up in the town of Nottingham. He is there for one purpose and one alone. To capture and kill Robin and his men.
Scarlet has another secret and it involves Gisbourne, or Guy. (I won't ruin it for you!)
Robin and John are both in love with Scarlet though she is only really in love with Robin. John she sees as a friend and only that. When people's houses are being burned down and their friends are being locked up Scarlet has to get them out of there.
Guy sees Scarlet but isn't sure it is really her when she helps prisoners escape. One of the prisoners allows herself to get engaged to the Sherriff of Nottingham but she didn't expect what would happen. (no spoilers) When Robin is caught and Scarlet would do anything to get him free. Anything.
I won't ruin the big surprise that many will not guess! I did but I guarantee everyone who loves Robin Hood will love this new version of the story!

About The Author

A. C. Gaughen is a freelance writer and regular blogger who has had several stories published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. While attending college in Scotland, which she believes to be the most romantic and naturally beautiful place in the world, AC became enamoured of the country's rich history and folklore. She now lives in Massachusetts with her two-year old goldendoodle.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tiger's Curse Review

Title: Tiger's Curse

Author: Colleen Houck

Book: (The Tiger Saga, #1)

Pages: 448

Rating: 4/5

This is the book that got me reading again! I was in B&N with my mom, since I wasn't really interested in anything but mystery at that time, when I saw the cover of the book. It was mesmerizing! I've always loved cats! Tigers in particular! Anyway I read the jacket and begged my mom to buy it! She was concerned about witchcraft but once one of the people working there told her it was safe she finally gave in. I'm so happy she did because up till then I hated books! She found out that day that I love reading just as much as she does!
Kelsey lives with her foster parents Mike and Sarah (generic right?) and she is looking for a summer job to help her save money for college. Well she gets a job at the circus where she takes care of the animals and helps clean up. That's where she meets Dhiren a white tiger with deep blue eyes. She feels connected to him in a way she can't understand and spends all the time she can spare with him.
Dhiren, or Ren as he likes to be called, is a tiger but he wasn't always a tiger. Nope! He is an 300 year old Indian Prince who was turned into a tiger by an evil man who wants something from him. In human form he is just 21! In tiger form he gets Kelsey to follow him back to India with some help from a man who is a much older than Ren. He is called Anik Kadam, or Mr. Kadam. (sorry if I spelled it wrong!)
Once Kelsey finds out the truth from Ren (who is only able to turn into a human for a short amount of time) she vows to do everything in her power to free Ren and his brother Kishan from the curse.
Though Kishan will not help them she and Ren are not giving up and together they face the first of four tasks they will have to complete. The first being the Golden Fruit!
Towards the end of the book Kelsey never ceases to annoy me! She is in love with Ren and he with her! What's her problem?! I was screaming at her that I would take him if she didn't! XD
This book will have you wishing that these things were real (except for Kelsey who is more annoying in the next three books) and keep you on edge till the final book! I promise you if you make it through the other books you will NOT regret it!

About The Author

Colleen Houck is first and foremost a reader. She loves action, adventure, sci-fi, and romance, and her favorite books include a little bit of each. After getting an Associate’s Degree from Rick’s college and transferring to the University of Arizona, she dropped out of school to go on a church mission where she met her husband. Since then, she’s had a variety of job titles including; Group Home Advocate, Donut Sprinkle Girl, Chinese Kitchen Manager, Salad Bar Maven, and more recently American Sign Language interpreter. She also considers herself an expert in the assembly of Big Macs and Big Bacon Classics and yes, the Food Network Channel is her favorite station. Colleen has lived in Arizona, Idaho, Utah, California, and North Carolina and is now permanently settled in Salem, Oregon with her husband and her giant stuffed white tiger. 

Need Review

Title: Need

Author: Carrie Jones

Book: (Need, #1)

Pages: 336

Rating: 4.5/5

When you begin this series only read the first book! I like the first book because I have read many series but never like this. This is so unique!
Zara White is a girl who's only company are the phobias she chants to herself. She is forced to move in with her grandmother when her mother decides it is time for her to spend time with her step-father's mother after his death. Her step-father died soon after he saw a man in the window and Zara saw it happen.
Now that she's in Maine she swears she sees the same man following her but whenever she reaches where he was the only thing left is a trail of gold dust. Is she crazy?
Issie, Devyn, and Nick take her in when she finds herself pushed into a new high school. Nick has a secret just like many of her classmates. Nick is a werewolf and as such it is his job to protect humans. From Pixies. Now these are NOT your cute and cuddly types! They are fast and kill you without hesitation. So they can eat you! (YUCK!)
Though her mother is human her father is the Pixie King of Maine so that makes her half pixie. And he wants her mother back! Nick hates pixies so will their love survive? When the battle breaks out Zara will have to choose sides. The Weres or the Pixies.
Ugh this author didn't need to write three more books! This is the best one and it isn't really left open for a second book! Sure you'd expect another book but I never wanted her to ruin it! I didn't want this never this! If you like the first book leave it at that! If you like disappointment then by all means go ahead and read the next three books. But don't say I didn't warn you!

About The Author

Carrie Jones likes Skinny Cow fudgsicles and potatoes. She does not know how to spell fudgsicles. This has not prevented her from writing books. She lives with her cute family in Maine, but she grew up in Bedford, NH where she once had a séance with cool uber-comedian Sarah Silverman.
The Meyers brothers are from Bedford, too, so you’d think it would make Carrie funnier, coming from Bedford N.H. Obviously, something didn’t work.
Carrie has a large, skinny white dog and a fat cat. Both like fudgicles. Only the cat likes potatoes. This may be a reason for the kitty’s weight problem (Shh… don’t tell). Carrie has always liked cowboy hats but has never owned one. This is a very wrong thing. She graduated from Vermont College’s MFA program for writing. She has edited newspapers and poetry journals and has recently won awards from the Maine Press Association and also been awarded the Martin Dibner Fellowship as well as a Maine Literary Award.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pastworld Review

Title: Pastworld

Author: Ian Beck

Pages: 355

Rating: 4/5

This is a book about a about a futuristic London. The thing is it's a theme park of the old London. When I first read the book I'm totally psyched because it has a character that kills like Jack the Ripper. I love Jack the Ripper books! Though it isn't really Jack the Ripper it is still a pretty cool book!
Eve rarely leaves the house which she doesn't remember growing up in. She only leaves when her guardian is there to keep an eye on her. (he's almost blind) One day she hears a conversation that she and he might be in danger. Who would want to cause her harm? So she packs her back and heads out on the street where she is followed.
Bible J is a pickpocket and a Dweller who works for a man who holds séances. He's a fake though that cons Gawkers out of their money. (gawkers are people from the world outside of Pastworld) He first sees Eve on the high wire as she's performing at the circus and comes back for every performance.
Caleb is a Gawker who's on vacation with his father in Pastworld. When Caleb is accused of his father's murder he runs into Bible J who gets his boss to bail him out of jail. Bible J recommends that Caleb stay with Eve for a while. There is a connection between them but it is purely platonic unlike her and Bible J.
With the Phantom (AKA the Ripper) hunting Eve she is put in more danger. When they face him what happens will leave you wanting more. Mainly because it leaves it open for a second book. I recommend it for anyone who loves science fiction! It isn't classified as science fiction so don't look for it in that section!

About The Author

Ian Archibald Beck (born 1947 in Brighton) is an English children's illustrator and author. In addition to his numerous children's books, he is also most famous for his cover illustration on Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album. He has sold more than a million copies of his books worldwide.

Blood-Kissed Sky Review

Title: Blood-Kissed Sky

Author: J.A. London

Book: (Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy, #2)

Pages: 338

Rating: 2/5

Like most second books in the series this one is really bad. Not the worst but not the best either.
Dawn travels to another city via the Night Train in search of a cure for the thirst since Victor chose a new ambassador. She's out! The least Victor could do is be a little nicer!
She travels with her friends Michael as her protector and Tegan who manages to sneak onto the train. Also on the train are Victor's sister and cousin who were sent to protect Dawn. Two vamps! What could possibly go wrong?!
Well they are attacked on the train and when they reach the city they believe they are safe only to find that the city's whole population consists of Daywalkers!
Dawn learns about her past and it isn't the best thing she could've learned by a psychotic Daywalker consumed by the thirst. She knows it is true but can't believe it! I'm not going to spoil it since it is quite different from the first one.
I recommend you wait to read this book until you have nothing better to read though.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Darkness Before Dawn Review

Title: Darkness Before Dawn

Author: J.A. London

Book: (Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy, #1)

Pages: 342

Rating: 4/5

This is a good book though I do recommend for you to read other books before this one. Some people probably will find it boring but hopefully some will still enjoy it!
Dawn Montgomery is an ambassador for the Agency. A role she was forced into after her parents were murdered by vampires. Now she negotiates the blood supplies for vampires in exchange for the city's protection. Her best friend is Tegan and her wonderful boyfriend is Michael. Everything becomes fairly normal until three rogue vampires attack her and her friend on a trolley.Inside the city! They aren't supposed to be that many inside the city's walls!
Victor is the mysterious guy who saves her and her friend from being killed. She mistakes him for a Night Watchman but he is something far darker. He's a vampire.
He seems to show up when she least expects it and ruins her relationship with Michael. One night she is summoned to Lord Valentine's house (he's the head vampire of their city and is supposed to protect the city) outside the city walls and she learns that Victor is his son. (kind of obvious!)
Anyway she and Victor have to fight vampires that are called Daywalkers (self explanatory!) and the ones consumed by the thirst. (the thirst is where vampires start to turn on each eat!)
As she and Victor try to convince his father Valentine is aware of the attraction between the two of them and plans to exploit it. There is a battle blah blah blah and she goes home only to have a party that is infested with Daywalkers. They turn on the humans and blah blah blah they are disposed of by the Night Watchmen that are still human. Victor saves her etc.
That is pretty much it. Look for the awful review I have on the second book Blood-Kissed Sky.

About The Author

J.A. London is the mother-son writing team of Rachel Hawthorne and her son, Alex London. Rachel has written many novels for teens, including the popular Dark Guardian series. Alex, a recent graduate with a degree in Historical Studies, enjoys combining history and fiction to create unique worlds. The Darkness Before Dawn series is their first joint project.  

Everbound Review

Title: Everbound

Author: Brodi Ashton

Book: (Everneath, #2)

Pages: 358

Rating: 4.5/5

Usually sequels are terrible and I could name quite a few but those are for other posts. Anyway this book isn't one of those! It is great! I have to admit it had me rolling my eyes in some places but it is a great follow up from Everneath!
Nikki "tricks" Cole into helping her get into Everneath after a botched attempt that almost got her killed. One of the other band mates goes down with them to help mask her emotions. With the help of another Everling they begin their journey through the four rings till they reach the center of Everneath. It just so happens to be where the queen lives.
Throughout the rings they face dangers of all sorts. Cole helps but just as she gets to Jack he sends her back to the surface. Back on the surface disappointed she waits for some kind of news. Then one morning she wakes up and finds Jack on the bed beside her on the bed.
Cole lied to her and stole her heart. Literally! He made her an Everling without her even realizing it!
The worst part is I can't get mad at him for tricking her! I should but all I feel is joy! There will be a third book! Ohhhhh I have already made predictions! Can't wait to see if I'm right!!!
Watch for the review of the third book! I will post my review on it as soon as I get it once it comes out! XD

Monday, June 3, 2013

Everneath Review

Title: Everneath

Author: Brodi Ashton

Book: (Everneath, #1)

Pages: 370

Rating: 5/5

I was hesitant about this book since my friend told me it was so bad she didn't even finish it. Once I got reading, though, I was sucked into the life of Nikki Becket and her messed up life. I love this book!
Nikki is a girl who had the perfect life, the perfect family (except for the fact that her mom's dead), and the perfect boyfriend (AKA Jack). It was wonderful until she met a musician who seemed to take her pain away (AKA Cole). When she catches a cheerleader coming out of Jack's room she immediately begs for Cole to take the pain away. She had no clue what she was in for!
She has been missing 6 months on the surface but in Eveneath it takes 99 years before she comes back. One problem. She might look bad but she didn't age during the feed. See Cole is an Everling and feeds off human emotions and takes the fact that she didn't age has to mean something big.
Nikki chooses to come back for Jack since he was the only face she was able to remember during the feed. It's got to mean something right?
As she and Jack rekindle their love Cole does everything to talk her into becoming his queen down in Everneath. One itsy bitsy problem. She is going to be taken back to Everneath in 6 months whether she wants to or not. Once there she will be stuck in a black hole where Everlings and their land will feed off of her emotions. (oooh spooky! XD)
So with time running out they look for a way to stop it from happening. In desperation Jack takes Nikki's place when they come for her. Now Cole is all she has left of that world and all she wants to do is kill him for doing this.
I cried at the end and hated Cole but I can tell Cole is not just obsessed with her. I think he's in love with her...still root for Jack though!
It's a MUST read for anyone that loves a good tragic love story! Here's the thing...there are three books! So I'm happy! Hope you enjoy the book like I did!
Look for my post about Everbound!

About The Author

Brodi Ashton received a bachelor's degree in journalism form the University of Utah and a master's degree in internal relations from the London School of Economics. Brodi has an active following on her blog, which can be found at She lives in Utah with her family. Everneath is her debut novel.