Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pastworld Review

Title: Pastworld

Author: Ian Beck

Pages: 355

Rating: 4/5

This is a book about a about a futuristic London. The thing is it's a theme park of the old London. When I first read the book I'm totally psyched because it has a character that kills like Jack the Ripper. I love Jack the Ripper books! Though it isn't really Jack the Ripper it is still a pretty cool book!
Eve rarely leaves the house which she doesn't remember growing up in. She only leaves when her guardian is there to keep an eye on her. (he's almost blind) One day she hears a conversation that she and he might be in danger. Who would want to cause her harm? So she packs her back and heads out on the street where she is followed.
Bible J is a pickpocket and a Dweller who works for a man who holds séances. He's a fake though that cons Gawkers out of their money. (gawkers are people from the world outside of Pastworld) He first sees Eve on the high wire as she's performing at the circus and comes back for every performance.
Caleb is a Gawker who's on vacation with his father in Pastworld. When Caleb is accused of his father's murder he runs into Bible J who gets his boss to bail him out of jail. Bible J recommends that Caleb stay with Eve for a while. There is a connection between them but it is purely platonic unlike her and Bible J.
With the Phantom (AKA the Ripper) hunting Eve she is put in more danger. When they face him what happens will leave you wanting more. Mainly because it leaves it open for a second book. I recommend it for anyone who loves science fiction! It isn't classified as science fiction so don't look for it in that section!

About The Author

Ian Archibald Beck (born 1947 in Brighton) is an English children's illustrator and author. In addition to his numerous children's books, he is also most famous for his cover illustration on Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album. He has sold more than a million copies of his books worldwide.

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