Thursday, June 27, 2013

Splintered Review

Title: Splintered

Author: A.G. Howard

Book: (Splintered, #1)

Pages: 384

Rating: 3.5/5

Ok with this book I was really nervous about since my friend hated it. I had first seen it at B&N where I looked at it longingly as I picked another book. When I went back for it I unfortunately couldn't find it. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed. My friend got the book and told me it was awful so I borrowed it just because I wanted to read it so badly. I'm glad I did because even though it is a bit juvenile it was very intense in places. I do hate love triangles though especially when both the guys are perfect!
Alyssa is cursed just like the other females of her family. She keeps it a secret that she can understand what flowers and bugs are saying but her mother got locked away in an institution because of it. She even believes her mother is insane till the night she discovered it was all true. Her ancestor really did fall down a rabbit hole and wind up in Wonderland! The real Wonderland! Freaky!
Jeb is her next door neighbour and best friend. She's had a crush on him for a very long time though she would never admit it to him. He manages to come with her when Alyssa goes down into wonderland to fix what Alice had messed up. There she meets Morpheus and she remembers him from her childhood dreams.
Both of the guys are in love with her which means both of them hate each other. Alyssa has help from both of them as she fixes the messes and helps others. When that is complete she hopes they will be allowed to go home but they were deceived.
Alyssa discovers what her family curse is and fights to break it before her mom goes crazy for real or dies.
I loved this book and even though I studied I read this on breaks. Whenever I set it down I couldn't stop thinking about it! I felt I was going mad! XD I recommend this book to anyone who loves books based on Alice in Wonderland!

About The Author

A.G. Howard was inspired to write Splintered while working at a school library. Her pastimes are reading, rollerblading, gardening, and family vacations which often include impromptu side trips to 18th century graveyards or condemned schoolhouses to appease her overactive muse.
Her debut YA fantasy, Splintered, a dark Alice in Wonderland spinoff, is now available from Amulet Books. The sequel, Unhinged, is due to launch January 2014.

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