Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Beautiful and the Cursed Review

Title: The Beautiful and the Cursed

Author: Page Morgan

Book: (The Dispossessed, #1)

Pages: 352

Rating: 5/5

I absolutely loved this book!
Since I'd just finished a test I decided to read as much as I could since I had class the next day. Today. UGH! I need a break! Anyway I wound up reading the whole thing in ONE day! How cool is that? Forget about werewolves! Bring on gargoyles!
In the city of Paris girls have gone missing and trouble looms ahead for the Dispossessed and the Alliance.
Ingrid though the world was normal, or relatively normal at least. Since the accident she caused her mother decided to bring her and her sister Gabby to Paris with her where they were supposed to meet Grayson. Grayson is Ingrid's twin and has apparently been missing for four days! Why weren't the police contacted!? Then she meets Luc a boy who seems to despise her immediately. For the life of her she can't figure out why!
Luc is one of the Dispossessed and it his job to watch over his human charges which include Ingrid and her family who live on sacred ground. He is a gargoyle! So cool! His attachment to Ingrid is MUCH stronger than it is for the rest of them and it makes his job harder to do. On one hand he needs to protect the whole family but on the other he wants to be there whenever Ingrid needs him.
Nolan and Vander are fighters from the Alliance who kill demons. While Nolan is obsessed with Gabby, Vander falls in love with Ingrid.
I HATE love triangles! But hey this one isn't the worst!
Turns out Grayson (missing) and Ingrid have powers themselves. Demon powers! Whaaaa? Anyway friends turn out to be enemies and time draws nearer for the Harvest. Some demon (Alexia) in the Underground wants to take something from Ingrid but Luc will do anything to stop it.
Oh I LOVE the book! The end drove me mad since I have to wait till NEXT year before the next book comes out! AGHHHHH! The fact that I read a 344 page book in one day means it is a good book! If you make it through the first chapter (someone I know didn't) you will be sucked in! Read, read, READ!

About The Author

Page Morgan has been intrigued by les grotesques ever since she came across an old, black-and-white photograph of a Notre Dame gargoyle keeping watch over the city of Paris. The gargoyle mythologies she went on to research fed her imagination, and she became inspired to piece together her own story and mythology for these complex stone figures. Page lives in New England with her husband and their three children.

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