Monday, June 3, 2013

Shatter Me Review

Title: Shatter Me

Author: Tahereh Mafi

Book: (Shatter Me, #1)

Pages: 338

Rating: 5/5

This book is just so amazing! It is a must read for everyone! (Well guys probably shouldn't read it) It is a semi-unique idea since there are lots of books and movies on mutants. It is still very good though!
Juliette is an outcast. Shunned by her own parents for an ability she can't control and doesn't want. Her touch is dangerous and so she escapes from reality by dreaming of a white bird with gold wings that will take her away one day. (Trust me it's a good book I'm probably not doing it ANY justice though) She is locked away for 264 days in a cell where there is only a window separating her from the outside world for something she had never meant to happen. Alone for that long she isn't expecting her new roommate to be a boy. A boy from another life.
Adam is a boy who defended her at school and doesn't seems to remember her at all. Just as they are staring to become friends her pathetic world is ripped apart.
She finds that Adam works for the Reestablishment. The very Reestablishment that is destroying the environment and taking lives.
Warner leads the branch of it that Juliette is now prisoner in. He wants her gift but she will not comply so he forces her to show off her ability. She discovers in his own twisted way that he believes he loves her. That they are just alike.
She won't have any of it! When she finds out that Adam can touch her (he's her white bird! did you get it?) they hatch a plan to escape from Warner. As they try to hide from him they meet an unexpected ally who has a certain mutation too. In fact he is the leader of a bunch of (for lack of a better term) mutants.
One problem...Warner can touch her too.
I might have said too much but believe me it is still exciting! I don't think I can, in fact, ruin the book. This is a wonderful book that you can read over and over and never get enough of it!
WARNING: look for my post on Unravel Me.

About The Author

Tahereh Mafi is a girl. She was born in a small city somewhere in Connecticut and currently resides in Orange County, California, where the weather is just a little too perfect for her taste. When unable to find a book, she can be found reading candy wrappers, coupons, and old receipts. Shatter Me is her first novel.

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