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Cast the First Stone: A Rebecca Stone Mystery Review

Title: Cast the First Stone: A Rebecca Stone Mystery

Author: Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Book: 1

Pages: 147

Rating: 2/5

I won this book on goodreads and was upset that the author hadn't signed the book. I know I sound petty but all the other books I've won (except one other) had been signed by the author. A fact that I find thrilling. So it took me a while to start the book since I was kind of upset and had better books to read. When I did start reading it I found it slow and it never seemed to pick up. Plus the fact that I had a hard time following the Jewish words that I'd never heard before. Never mind let me start on the review.
Rebecca Stone is a journalist for a paper and is engaged to Josh. A murder takes place in LA which she is asked to investigate with Andrew who is her ex fiancĂ©. Yikes! She flies to Pennsylvania with him to investigate where the professor worked and who might have wanted him dead. Rebecca and Andrew went to school there together before he left for a job in NY. He even makes moves on her while they are there! Agh! Of course he doesn't know she's engaged...
There is another murder and an attempt on her life but she makes it through and catches the bad guy.
The mystery was lacking and I kind of guessed who killed the professor. It wasn't the sit on the edge of your chair type book which is why it took me days to finish it. It was ok but I would read something (anything) else before I read this book if I were you.

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