Monday, August 26, 2013

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Review

Title: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Author: J.K. Rowling

Book: (Harry Potter, #2)

Pages: 341

Rating: 4.5/5

So this book was in worse shape than the first book but I managed to read it without too much trouble. I hate it when people treat books so carelessly! I swear this book looked like it had been on the ground with it's pages twisted for a long long time. So sad! I had no idea my sister treated her books like this! I enjoyed the book though and it is one of them that I remember the movie version of it. I just couldn't remember which movie had the snake in it...
Time for Summer is wrapping up and Harry can't wait to get back to Hogwarts and his friends. He misses them so much and they haven't written him at all...or so he thinks. He meets Dobby (love him!) and he is warned that he is in grave danger if he goes back to Hogwarts. As punishment for lying to them his Aunt and Uncle lock him in his room with very little food until Ron and his two brothers break him and his stuff out of there.
The problems don't stop for Ron and Harry who can't penetrate the barrier to make it to the train on time so they take the flying car to school. Unfortunately they crash. Then Draco joins the Slytherin Quidditch team as their Seeker along with new (faster) brooms. Things can't get worse can they? Wrong! Filch's cat is paralyzed and then students also get paralyzed by an unknown force. One of the students is Hermione! Now the spiders are running and Dumbledore is dismissed...for a while.
Harry and Ron have to save Quinn from the awful creature but in the end it is Harry (yet again) that defeated the creature and once more stopped Voldemort from regaining power. (Harry! Harry! Harry!) He saves Quinn and they once again win the House Cup! Two years in a row! :D
Oh darn I gave too much away! Sorry! But really everyone has seen the movie and read the book by now right? I mean it's an obvious ending since there are seven books in the series. Well I hope you enjoyed and agreed with me. Till the next book then!


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