Friday, May 20, 2016

Pawn Review

Title: Pawn

Author: Aimee Carter

Book: (The Blackcoat Rebellion , #1)

Pages: 343

Rating: 4/5

Sorry I've been away so long. School has been kicking my butt, but now that I'm out for Summer I've decided to catch up on some overdue reading. So this book wasn't the first book I read but I finally got to it and I must tell you that I actually enjoyed it. It was fun in a weird way.
Before I get too into the book let me explain a little bit about the ranking system. When kids turn 17 they are required to take a test to see where they will be placed. There are VII's but they are born into it and those are the people who run the country. Only 2% get a VI and they are treated well because they are an asset to society. IV and V's live well enough. But II's and III's are the people who clean up the sewers and are treated like scum in society. I's aren't even permitted to exist. So now that that has been explained on with the story.
Kitty is brilliant and she just took her test but unfortunately for her she can't she got a III. Her boyfriend, Benjy, is set to take the test in a month which is why she decided to stay in D.C. instead of moving to Denver to muck around in the sewers. To do so though she must go with Tabs to sell her virginity and make the money to stay. So she gets bought...but by someone she lest expects...Prime Minister Daxton. He makes a deal to turn her into a VII but didn't tell her what she had to do until it was too late.
When she woke up she was Lila Hart, the Minister's niece who Daxton had killed. She may look like her but she has to learn to act like her as well else risk her life and Benjy's as well. If she fails they'll be sent to Elsewhere were the rich hunt them down like animals. anyone who does wrong, even a little bit, is sent there to be hunted. So she plays along with Lila's mother Celia, her fiancé Knox, her cousin Grayson, and her grandmother Augusta. But there is a lot more to the real Lila than anyone is willing to tell so it's up to Kitty to learn the truth and stay alive long enough to escape.
When Kitty learns of the Blackcoats and who leads them will she resist or will she joint their cause and fight the evil the raking system created? Will Benjy be killed for her actions? When she learns what she must do to survive...will she do it?
Yes, the synopsis was kind of vague but trust me the book is worth checking out. I'll let everyone know how the 2nd book goes once I get my hands on it.

About The Author

Aimée Carter was born and raised in Michigan, where she currently resides. She is the author of several series, including The Goddess Test series, The Blackcoat Rebellion series, and the Simon Thorn series.

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