Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Never Cry Werewolf Review

Title: Never Cry Werewolf

Author: Heather Davis

Book: (Never Cry Werewolf, #1)

Pages: 212

Rating: 3/5

This is a book about (SURPRISE!) a werewolf! Though it isn't bad I can't force myself to read it again no matter how hard I try. A friend of mine didn't even make it through the book!
A wicked step-mother, a closed-off father, a brat camp, and a hot rich kid. Who needs more? So you would think, right?
Shelby likes boys way too much for her own good. That is the reason she's sent to brat camp (AKA Camp Crescent) by her step-mother. She meets new friends and a good looking guy who seems different.
Austin Bridges the Third is sent to camp by mistake and it gets dangerous when the secret he's keeping threatens to come out. He never expected to tell someone his secret but he has no choice when the camp takes something from him that he needs. With Austin no longer able to control his condition Shelby helps keep him maintain his sanity.
Classic romance book that seems to be written for a ten year old despite everything that happens throughout the book. It is a short book but it seemed to go on forever. I bought it thinking it would be great but it ended up being a waste of time and money. I don't recommend this book for anyone older than thirteen.

About The Author

Heather Davis is an award-winning young adult author based in the Pacific Northwest. With a touch of the paranormal, her stories center around ordinary people in extraordinary situations and explore the nature of love and life.
She’s most comfortable crafting stories with a pen in her hand and rain pounding against the windows, but you will find her writing anywhere she goes.


  1. Haha! I totally agree! This book seemed more appropriate for someone in middle-school. The writing also seemed very juvenile.

  2. Yeah I hope to save people from reading these terrible books that should NEVER be read!