Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nobody Review

Title: Nobody

Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Pages: 393

Rating: 5/5

Nobody is a great book by Jennifer Lynn Barnes the author of the Raised by Wolves Series. If you love the series you will definitely love this. The way she twists the two main characters together in a struggle to survive the Society is magnificent.
Claire is a girl no one talks to. The girl who has no friends and that no one notices. She's lived her whole life thinking if she tried hard enough that someone someday would notice her. No one has noticed her until the day Nix appears.
Nix is a mysterious boy with blue eyes but there is one problem. He has been ordered to kill Claire, by the Society. Nix discovers he was lied to. Together they discover that together they are something dangerous to the Society. Two Nobody's is all it takes to throw the society through a loop. As Claire and Nix began to rely on each other they find something more. As they fall in love the Society continues to search for the two Nobody's. Though it is hard to find a Nobody the Society won't stop till they are dead.
Claire is a relatable character that I absolutely love. Nix is the guy some girls dream of. And the Society is what destroys dreams of a future. Claire and Nix aren't nothing. Together they will fight. Together the Society is nothing. Together they are everything.
I related to these characters in many ways...except for killing and being invisible to everyone...I loved this book! It was a bit slow in parts but if you make it through them you will not be disappointed. I loved the characters and their points of view as the whole thing unfolds. It was wonderful and I loved it so much! :D

About The Author

Jennifer Lynn Barnes (who mostly goes by Jen) was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has been, in turn, a competitive cheerleader, a volleyball player, a dancer, a debutante, a primate cognition researcher, a teen model, a comic book geek, and a lemur aficionado. She's been writing for as long as she can remember, finished her first full book (which she now refers to as a "practice book" and which none of you will ever see) when she was still in high school, and then wrote Golden the summer after her freshman year in college, when she was nineteen.
Jen graduated high school in 2002, and from Yale University with a degree in cognitive science (the study of the brain and thought) in May of 2006. She'll be spending the 2006-2007 school year abroad, doing autism research at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

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