Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Gathering of Gargoyles Review

Title: A Gathering of Gargoyles

Author: Meredith Ann Pierce

Book: (Darkangel Trilogy, #2)

Pages: 284

Rating: 4/5

So I had to order this book since it is kind of old but it was totally worth it. Though the romance was lacking (not unlike the other book) it was still interesting although some of the grammar was off...Anyway I enjoyed the book so let me tell you a little about it.
Aeriel and Irrylath have gone to see his mother (who thought he was dead) and she immediately takes them in knowing that he is, in fact, her son. Too soon Aeriel discovers that he fears her and does not love her as she does so she leaves her new husband on another quest. One to gather all the lost lons together so to face the White Witch and her six sons in the coming battle. The darkangels have chased them from their lands so it will be tough finding them.
On her journey she meets many people who help her but soon she is alone yet again. As she travels she finds a gargoyle. Not intentionally, but since she was the one who freed it he feels that he is indebted to her and continues to protect her from Darkangels. She rescues a servant (Erin) from being slaughtered by a darkangel and together they find two more gargoyles.
They are captured by a man with no name and Aeriel is what he wants. He wants to marry her at all cost. Even if he has to defy the White Witch to get her. She meets a boy who has the same green eyes she does and he believes she is his sister and heir to the land. Ooohhh! They all manage to escape from the man with no name and she is forced to leave them so she can continue to Orm.
She meets Talb and he brings two more of the gargoyles. Now she has five of the six she released and they haven't forgotten her kindness either. Together they all travel to Orm to see an oracle but instead they find Dirna who has the last gargoyle and she tries to kill Aeriel.
Will Talb and the gargoyles rescue her? Will someone else intervene? Or will Dirna succeed in killing her and take the gargoyles back to the White Witch?
I really did like this book though parts were lacking much of anything. The ending had me wanting to read the next book immediately but I needed a break from all the confusing words. Too many made up words without definitions make my eyes cross. XD Still recommend it for anyone who has read the first book because you will enjoy it. I would suggest you wait for my review on the third book before you rush out and buy it though....just saying.

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