Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Croods Review

Title: The Croods

Year: 2013

Time: 1hr 38min

Rating: 3/5

So this was the second movie I watched on the flight. I must say I was very sleepy and so I unfortunately cried through some parts of the movie. (they were sad! I swear I'm not usually a crier!) It was a weird movie and at first I wondered if I should keep watching it but I managed to since I had nothing else to do. After a while I really got into it though I was still confused at some of the things that went on.
Eep (Emma Stone) is a cavegirl who lives with her father Crug (Nicolas Cage), her mother Ugga (Catherine Keener), her grandmother Gran (Cloris Leachman), her brother Thunk (Clark Duke) and her little monster sister (doesn't speak). She is different than the rest because she is curious and hates living in the cave. One night she goes out (without anyone's knowledge) and meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds) who has managed to create fire. After he disappears her father comes and tries to drag her into the cave till it is destroyed. When the dust clears and they see that beyond their cave is a world they never thought possible. A beautiful world full of color, fun, and unimaginable danger. They meet up with Guy again who saves their lives and takes them on a journey to avoid the end of the world. (well the end of that vast piece of land anyway) On their way they make friends (with animals) and learn to trust Guy which makes Crug very very unhappy. After all he has been protecting them for a very long time.
When the end comes will they be able to make it to safety? Will one be left behind to face the coming dangers? Or will they all make it and continue to chase the sun?
It is a weird movie and some of it you won't be able to understand till you see the movie. After all I can't explain everything to you or else that would ruin the movie! If you have nothing better to do this is your movie, but if not I'd wait to watch it. It really isn't a must watch...Do you agree???

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