Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blood Red Road Review

Title: Blood Red Road

Author: Moira Young

Book: (Dust Lands, #1)

Pages: 459

Rating: 5/5

So since I've been spending most of my time reading on my Kindle I never thought I'd be able to pick up a book. I am sure glad I did because this book is intense and weird. I like it though it doesn't have "quotation marks" around what is being said, which I find super annoying. In most cases I won't write in a book, but I made an exception so I could put the quotes around sentences.
Saba, Lugh, Emmie and their father all live together in Silverlake where the food comes few and far between while the water level drops. There is no one for miles and miles but one day four men come, take Lugh, and kill Pa, leaving Saba to take care of the sister she loathes. She heads out to find Lugh, planning to leave Emmie behind with a neighbor, but Emmie just comes after her.
They are kidnapped by some wicked people who force Saba to cage fight in Hopetown. The worst place to be. There she becomes known as the Angel of Death, for she never loses a match. That is, not until someone comes and forms a plan. Now she has to lose three matches and run the gauntlet where she will hopefully be able to escape into the crowd.
The King catches onto the plot and plans to ruin everything but Saba manages to escape and helps the other prisoners escape too. Including Jack, who she risks her life to save though she doesn't know why. Now she is with the female group the Free Hawks and about to journey with Emmie and Jack to Freedom Fields where they are keeping Lugh.
They make it there after encountering the Wurms and safely make it inside the compound. There they realize that the Kind is still alive. How? Saba saw him die! XD After getting Lugh safely out of there they go to meet up with Tommo and Emmie but discover Emmie has been taken. Now they set up a defense and wait for the King and his men to come for them.
Will they make their last stand? Will the Free Hawks come to the rescue? Who wins in the end?
I loved the book and one of the characters (DeMalo) even though I think he's in all of five pages throughout the book. So sad! Agh I hate that I am once again in love with a fictional character!

About The Author

Moira Young is the author of the Dust Lands series. The first book, Blood Red Road, won the Costa Children’s Book Award, was a Cybils Award Winner for fantasy and science fiction, and was a Best Fiction for Young Adults selection. The Dust Lands continues with Rebel Heart, which received a starred review in Publishers Weekly. A native Canadian, she lives with her husband in the UK. Learn more at DustLandsBooks.com.

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