Monday, February 24, 2014

The Dark God's Bride Trilogy, #3 Review

Title: The Dark God's Bride

Author: Dahlia L. Summers

Book: (The Dark God's Bride, #3)

Pages: 267

Rating: 4.5/5

After three years of not knowing whether he is a father, Summit escapes the time trap and goes to reclaim his bride. Amara is happy that he is back but is terrified of him when he learns that she never had the child. (There never was a child but...) He believes that she had an abortion but she will never tell him the truth.
To stop Death from claiming her he goes to the Oracle who gave her the prophecy but learns that Death has already taken her to his kingdom. Now he knows that he will do anything to get her back, even make a deal with Death himself. It is now a race against time to get to the portal before their time is up.
They make it but the surprises don't end there when Summit's old wife shows up. She was supposed to be dead but Death brought her back to cause havoc on their lives. When she takes on the appearance of Amara she doesn't realize that her life would end before she seduced him. After her death (Summit thinks it's Amara) he goes crazy and almost destroys the whole city before Amara's friends and foster brother step in.
Now she is trying to make him remember who she is to him while he wants nothing more than to kill her. When she is about to be raped he steps in to save her from that fate. She flees and he goes away for a while till someone makes him believe Amara was the one who killed his wife. Now he is after her and she is helping a friend set up his plan for power. She doesn't struggle and he almost kills her but he can't. So the Lycan who tricked him does.
Though she dies her friend tries to save her and that is when Summit remembers who she is and that he loves her.
Will he be able to bring her back to life? Will the Oracle's prophecy come true? Will Death claim Amara?
Ooooh I hated some of the parts in this book because...well they were frustrating! Still it was a great book and i am glad that i read it!

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