Monday, March 3, 2014

Winter's Tale Movie Review

Title: Winter's Tale

Year: 2014

Time: 1hr 58min

Rating: 4.5/5

I honestly expected to cry throughout the whole movie since I was in tears just watching the previews for it on TV. I was both relieved and disapointed that I didn't, though when I looked over I found my dad was in tears. Hahaha! XD I loved the movie a lot and it was a very unique concept. We saw it for Valentine's Day and I am glad we did though I wanted to go see I, Frankenstein. Whatever! I enjoyed myself! I will have to go see the other movie on my own...
Peter Lake (Colin Farrell) is a thief who is being hunted down by his old boss Pearly (Russell Crowe), who is also a demon. He is saved by a white horse that somehow managed to do the impossible. Peter breaks into a house and meets Beverly Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay), a woman that is very sick. If she gets hot she will die and despite her terrible condition Peter falls for her and she for him.
They only get one night together since Pearly manages to slip some poison to Beverly even though he isn't allowed to cross the boundary line. She dies and Peter faces Pearly after not being able to save her. It is supposed to end for Peter when the horse flies away (he's a messenger from God or something) and Pearly throws him over the bridge. Yet he wakes up with no memory of who he is or what he has lost.
Many (many, like a 100!) years later Peter is still alive and looking just like he did before he was supposedly killed. He still has a miracle to use and Pearly is determined not to let him use it. Beverly used her miracle to keep Peter alive for this save a little girls life.
Virginia Gamely (Jennifer Connolly) is a writer with a very sick daughter, Abby (Ripley Sobo), who is dying. Peter meets them and she helps him remember who he was. He meets people from his past and knows exactly how to save Abby. Pearly won't just let him save her life, he works for Lucifer (who I believe is Will Smith) who makes him human so that he can kill Peter without upsetting the balance of good and evil.
Will Pearly kill Peter, the boy he raised? Will the horse come back and help them get to where they need to go? Did Beverly die in vain? Will Peter be able to use his miracle to save Abby?
I loved this movie though I kind of wanted it to end differently. Like...he saved Abby and went back to the past and lived happily-ever-after with Beverly. Crazy notion...but why not? The whole movie is kind of out there. Jeez just watching Pearly's face when he gets mad! *shiver* All in all it is a must watch so get your bum to the movie theatre and enjoy.

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