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The Pirate's Curse Review

Title: The Pirate's Curse

Author: M.L. Guida

Book: (Legends of the Soaring Phoenix, #1)

Pages: 326

Rating: 4/5

This book is much better than I thought it would be which made me so happy. It was a free book on Kindle and I am so glad that I got it! Read this book! So good!
Hannah and her father find themselves in the ocean when their ship is attacked by vampires and the crew is murdered. Their only chance at survival is the ship comming their way. The vampires want both her and her father but she has no idea why.
Kane is the Captain of the Soaring Phoenix and rescues them from his rival. He thinks Hannah is a man until...(you'll just have to read it to find out!) and when he realizes that she is a girl he treats her better. On the other hand he hates her father who because of what he does to Hannah to keep her controlled.
See Hannah has powers (but she's not a witch) and Kane hates her because he fears she is a witch. He learns more about her and discovers that she is not a witch after all. She and Kane's brother grow close (she only sees him as a friend) and she learns what the pirates aboard the Soaring Phoenix are...they're vampires! She tries to kill Kane with her powers (on accident) and regrets it as soon as he falls to the floor. He had scared her and she'd reacted in order to protect herself.
He cares for her though he tries not to show it until he and the crew are about to reach the destination where they will leave Hannah and her father. Taking her to bed he loves her all night only to turn cold in the morning so that it will be easier for him to leave her behind. She is to be married to another man and he knows it is best to leave her be.
Hannah meets the man she is to marry and want to run as fast as she can back to the Soaring Phoenix and into Kane's arms. Her fiancé is cruel and wants nothing more than to have her in his bed for the rest of her life. He hurts her and takes her to his home where he tortures and almost burns a slave to death until she uses her powers to save the slave. Not that it matters because he just shoots the slave just when Kane shows up in the field.
Kane has to run but he comes back for Hannah who manages to get away from her fiancé only to get recaptured. So is Kane, but he gets tortured while she almost gets raped until more of his crew shows up and gets them both back on the ship. Kane's rival shows up and there is an epic battle between the two vampire ships which leads to Kane's brother being turned into a vampire.
Will Hannah be able to stay with Kane? Which ship will make it out in one piece? Will Hannah be safe from the pirates and her fiancé?
Ok so the synopsis might be long and sound a bit dull but please read this book! It really is worth it and I so can't wait until the second book comes out! I don't know when it comes out though!!!!

About The Author


Vampires, demons and witches! I love to write about these dark entities and the darker the better. My characters are plunged into worlds where they experience torture and mayhem, but even in a world of darkness, true love survives. I write both contemporary and historical paranormal stories and currently, am with Lyrical Press, Buffalo Mountain Press and Passion in Print.

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