Monday, March 24, 2014

Ender's Game Movie Review

Title: Ender's Game

Year: 2013

Time: 1hr 54min

Rating: 5/5

This movie is so much more entertaining than the book! That's my opinion anyway since I didn't care for the book. My sister loves them both though...thanks to her I got to see the movie! Thanks sis! I loved the movie even if it was a little weir and a bit too graphic in some places.
Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) gets thrown out of school (or so he thinks) so when he is attacked by the mean kids in school he has nothing to lose. After he wins the man who has been watching him, Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford), decides that he is ready to join in the battle against the Formics. The Formics that almost destroyed the Earth in a previous invasion. Even in a school full of gifted kids he is the odd man out. The only few people who like him are Bean (Aramis Knight), Alai (Suraj Partha), Petra (Hailee Steinfeld), and a few others.
He gets moved up in the ranks to a place where he is loathed by the team leader. Even after he wins the battle against the other team the leader wants nothing more than to destroy him. Eventually the leader, Bonzo (Moises Arias), corners him in the shower and tries to kill him only to have Ender win against him.
Ender refuses to go on until he get to see his sister, Valentine Wiggin (Abigail Breslin), one more time. They allow him to since he threatened to quit. He talks to her and realizes that he was made for this. He was made to fight and defend against the Formics.
He becomes the captain of his own crew (simulation...or so he thinks) with his friends as his mates and begins to fight Formics. After destroying the Formics home planet he learns that what he just did wasn't a was very real. He breaks down because he doesn't believe that they were evil or wanted to destroy the Earth at all. They just wanted to meet and learn from us but humans didn't even give them a chance.
Are all the Formics dead? Will Ender ever come to terms with destroying a whole species? Does he figure something out that he should've realized a long time ago?
Ohhhhhh I don't remember the end of the book so I can't really compare them! Not fair that everyone is just fine and dandy after killing off an entire species! At least Ender (the person who rarely shows emotions) breaks down when he finds out what he did! Humans are awful when it comes to things we don't understand...aren't we? I hope one day we might change for the better but until that day I just have to hope if something come up we don't shoot first and ask questions could be a disaster if we do.

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