Friday, January 3, 2014

My Boyfriend Merlin Review

Title: My Boyfriend Merlin

Author: Priya Ardis

Book: (My Merlin, #1)

Pages: 305

Rating: 4.5/5

Seriously my expectations for this book were not that high but I was happy to find that it really was a great book! I loved it so much despite the love triangle with the two brothers and the girl (Ryan).
Ryan has had a hectic life. First her mother dies and now she has just lost her soon to be sister to a dragon. The only reason she survives is because of Matt (she has a major crush on him) turns out to be a wizard. So now she is still an orphan and her soon to be brother are in danger from gargoyles.
The one thing in a string of messed up stuff. A stone with a sword falls out of the sky, a dragon attack, wizards, and gargoyles that can take the form of humans. Now she and her almost brother Grey are taken, along with other candidates, to England where they will learn to deffend themselves against magic. She also discovers that Matt is the Merlin from stories. The one who helped King Arthur. Why didn't he tell her sooner??? When someone tries and fails to kill Ryan she and Vane (Matt/Merlin's brother) hatch a plan that goes wrong and threatens to kill many of the other candidates.
They all make it out safely but now the true test begins when they are taken to the stone so they can attempt to pull Excallibur free. The candidates (even the gargoyle candidates) are sucked into another dimmension and it is up to Ryan to figure out how to get out. When she does she quickly realizes that she has to remain behind. She does so willingly though she is giving up the love she holds for both Merlin and Vane.
Can she pull the sword from the stone? At what cost to herself? Will the war rage on? Do the traitors face punishment? Who will conquer?
Dramatic much? I thought so too but i couldn't help myself...the book was free! What was I supposed to do? NOT read it? Are you out of your mind?! I really did enjoy this book though the title still makes me laugh.

About The Author

I love books of all kinds—but especially the gooey ones that make your nose leak and let your latte go cold. My writing comes from a childhood of playing too much She-Ra and watching too much Spock and reading way too much fairy-tales, fantasies, detective stories, romances... the list goes on. (When Belle gasped at the library the Beast gave her, so did I! Color me with library envy.) I started penning my first book at sixteen, writing in long notebooks on train rides in India. A hopeless romantic, I'm also a longtime member of RWA (Romance Writer's of America).

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