Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Dark God's Bride Trilogy, #2 Review

Title: The Dark God's Bride

Author: Dahlia L. Summers

Book: (The Dark God's Bride, #2)

Pages: 215

Rating: 5/5

Amara has escaped from Summit and has gone back to school. She is even seeing a good guy for a while. That is until Summit finds her and drags her back to his place. He takes her into his bed but when she decides to play along and submit to anything he goes crazy. He doesn't want someone to obey him. He wants her to be herself. The girl who he loves.
She grows to care for him but Lana (now human and going by Raya) tricked Summit into believing that Amara is pregnant. Now he decides that he can't let his child be born a bastard so he goes to the goddess Gaia who binds them. Now they can't be separated by anyone. They are bound for as long as she lives which he finds out that she only has three years left to live. He can't accept that.
He manages to kidnap the real Kali and Amara manages to save her life but now Lucifer is awake and wanting to reclaim his bride. Lucifer and Summit begin to battle it out but Amara intervenes with the truth about why Lucifer Locked him up for so long. They decide to form a truce but Amara accidentally gets stuck in the time trap Summit had built especially for Lucifer. So now to save her life he must join her below. Though he saves her he remains trapped.
So now that she is free of him at last, she wishes that he were still there. Because she loves him too. She just never said anything to him.

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