Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Dark God's Bride Trilogy, #1 Review

Title: The Dark God's Bride

Author: Dahlia L. Summers

Book: (The Dark God's Bride, #1)

Pages: 210

Rating: 5/5

This was a free book and I must say that after reading this that I am now hooked. I have now fallen madly in love with an evil fictional character. This was a brilliantly written book and though the other two books weren't free I didn't mind at all they were worth it!
Amara has friends and a mother who cares deeply about her. Oh yeah her friends are demons and her foster mother is Lucifer's immortal bride. She has everything that she's ever wanted but the one thing that she can't contain is her curiosity.
Noctis (AKA Summit but prefers Noctis) has been trapped in darkness for a very long time and now he's out and seeking revenge on the one who put him there. Lucifer. Wanting to make him pay he tries to kidnap what he thinks is Lucifer's mortal bride Kali. Instead he takes Amara by accident.
She keeps up the charade to protect the only woman who ever took care of her and though she is scared of him she can't help her nature to fight. He tries and tries to scare her into submission but nothing he throws at her scares her. He likes the little mortal for her courage more than he wants. Still he believes that she is Kali so therefore she is off limits for him.
Amara manages to escape twice but he always seems to find her so her foster brother's other half (Lana) tries to save her only to be thwarted by Noctis who takes her to the realm of Heaven (or something akin to that). When she almost dies he saves her. She doesn't mean to but they end know...together. (*cough*sex*cough*). That is when he discovers that she isn't who she claims to be doesn't upset him. What does is when she flees with Lana to safety because she fears for her life.
Him trying to track her down pretty much sums up the end of the book but of course since there is a second...and a third book you know the story has to go on. Thank goodness! :D Give it a read!

About The Author

Not much to say. I was born in 1989 and I currently live in Kentucky with my family. I write as a hobby to relieve stress and for the pure enjoyment of the ride. My preferred writing style is first person present tense, or third person, omniscient. My favorite genres to write about are Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Mythology.I write as though I am the reader. I just let the story flow through me and let my imagination breathe life to the characters. I allow the characters to develop their own consciousness and take charge of their own lives while I play the role of the spectator. Every time I sit in front of my computer, a little more of the story unfurls.I'm so excited to share these stories with you!

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