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Accidentally In Love With...A God? Review

Title: Accidentally In Love With...A God?

Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Book: (Accidentally Yours, #1)

Pages: 294

Rating: 5/5

Even though I had to buy this book on my Kindle I couldn't really force myself to regret it because I loved the book...though the ending kind of pissed me off. But whatever, it just means there will have to be another book with the same characters in it. No big deal.
Emma had had a semi normal life. She has friends, she's very smart, she has a job...the only thing that makes her different is the fact that she has a man's voice in her head. To top it off he won't let her date without invading her mind once again. When she is hit by a taxi he saves her and tells her that she can free him from his prison. The catch? She has to fly to Mexico and search the jungle for the place where he is held captive. Will she do as he asks? Of course, anything to get rid of the voice in her head.
Guy (that's what she calls him and he likes it so he keeps the name) is the God of War and Death who was tricked and in turn stuck between worlds withing water for over seventy years. The only thing he loves are the conversations he has with Emma. He truly does like her but he knows he can't have her because it would kill her. When she manages to release him from his prison he takes her someplace safe so that can look for the other trapped Gods. He realizes that without her he can't free them so he heads back to find his home destroyed and Emma in the arms of one of the men he charged with protecting her.
She is attracted to Guy and he to her but she grows mad when it seems like he rejects her. She doesn't understand because he doesn't tell her anything. But when he is once again stuck between worlds she goes back to Mexico to try and save him only to find out her one friend (the guard) is a traitor. With Guy's brother now holding her captive (he also happens to be her grandfather but Guy isn't really related to him which is good! phew!) she will either have to become his woman...or die like the rest.
Guy and his sister escape from the trap and with Guy's men at his side they save Emma and try to escape before the men realize what has happened to their master.
Will Emma live? What about the other Gods? Will Guy and she finally be able to consume their love for each other? What's the surprise twist at the end? Well you'll just have to read it and find out! XD
It was quite a shocking end...I think so anyway! Feel free to comment if you feel differently! :D I love a good argument...or challenge!

About The Author

New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Romance Author.
Before taking up a permanent residence in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mimi spent time living near NYC (became a shopaholic), in Mexico City (developed a taste for very spicy food), and Arizona (now hates jumping chollas, but pines for sherbet sunsets). Her love of pre-Hispanic culture, big cities, and romance inspires her to write when she’s not busy with kids, hubby, work, and life…or getting sucked into a juicy novel.
She hopes that someday, leather pants for men will make a big comeback and that her writing might make you laugh when you need it most.

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