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The 5th Wave Review

Title: The 5th Wave

Author: Rick Yancey

Book: (The Fifth Wave, #1)

Pages: 480

Rating: 4.5/5

Ok I've never cared for aliens that much. So I've watched most of the movies involving aliens like E.T., Close Encounters, Independence Day, etc. I was never into the whole destruction of mankind. I'm still not but this book is how I imagine the aliens (if they exist) would take over. My version is more like the book War of the Worlds but this one (the 5th Wave) is still amazing.
The 1st Wave: Lights out
The 2nd Wave: Surf's Up
The 3rd Wave: Pestilence
The 4th Wave: Silencer
The 5th wave no one knows what's going to hit.
I don't care for different points of view but it seemed to work in this book. Sammy's perspective was a bit boring though.
Cassiopeia (Cassy) is a girl on her own who's mother died during the plague and father was killed by the Others. Her brother was taken by the same soldiers who killed everyone in the camp they lived with their father. She's the only one that survived. Now she can't trust anyone because the aliens (Others) look just like humans do. Now she is being hunted by a Silencer (hit man alien) who plans to kill her. He makes another call.
Ok so Cassy is a bit of a cry baby at points but she has every reason to cry. Her world is being taken over! She is strong and it would take a bullet to stop her from keeping her promise to her brother.
Evan is the boy who saves Cassy's life after she gets an infection from the bullet in her knee. He did that to her (it's obvious who he is) and now he can't let her die for the same reason Cassy has to go after her brother. He loves her. I was rooting for him since (beside the fact that he kills humans) he is so nice to her. He's perfect! (To me at least!) :D
Ben (Zombie) is the guy Cassy has had a crush on since third grade and also the guy who doesn't even know she exists. Ben is living in Camp Heaven with other humans believing he is being trained to kill the Other's who are living as humans. He is wrong and Ringer helps him see that. He's a bit full of himself which really gets to me. Football jock and all. Too full of himself except when he gets all "I don't matter anymore."
Sammy (Cassy's brother) has been living in barracks with Ben as his leader and thinks this is a safe place. He is too trusting and gives up hope of Cassy ever showing up.
Seems all of them are trying to get Nugget (Sammy) out of there. Ben made a promise to come back and Cassy made promise much like that too. So Cassy goes in for Sammy around the time that Ben does. So everyone reading knows that one of them is going to get Sammy out. Who manages to do so though?
I could barely put this book down and sincerely hope there is another book in the series. The ending was left open and it is killing me! I wanted a happy ending for Ben and Ringer along with Cassy and Evan. Unfortunately that was left open so I am going crazy wanting to know what happens. It was a great book overall though. Sorry the review is so long it's just that there were so many perspectives...

About The Author

Rick Yancey ( is the author of several adult novels and the memoir Confessions of a Tax Collector. His first young-adult novel, The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp, was a finalist for the Carnegie Medal. In 2010, his novel, The Monstrumologist, received Michael L. Printz Honor, and the sequel, The Curse of the Wendigo, was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. When he isn't writing or thinking about writing or traveling the country talking about writing, Rick is hanging out with his family.

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