Friday, July 12, 2013

World War Z Movie Review

Title: World War Z

Year: 2013

Time: 1hr 55min

Rating: 4/5

Ok I'm not a big fan of zombies and after watching this movie I am still not. It is a great movie but I don't care for scary movies either! I'm a scaredy cat....what can I say? I loved the movie but the zombies really freaked me out. Other times I was laughing because the actors would do something incredibly stupid.
Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is the main character though it does show his wife (Mireille Enos) and his two kids. (Not his real kids. Just so you know.) They escape from Philadelphia where almost everyone is turned into a zombie.
The zombies are super weird and it takes all of 12 seconds for a person who is bitten to change into one. They run super fast though they are not in any way coordinated. They will settle down and wait but if they hear noise they react immediately. Best not to make any noise but of course everyone does.
Garry flies to South Korea and Israel to try to find the cure and/or the origin. In South Korea they are attacked by so many freaking zombies I was about to curl into a ball. I mean how stupid can someone be to make that much noise? Then in Israel they are safe (for a while) since they had built a huge wall to protect themselves but some idiot began singing through a speaker and all hell breaks loose! Who doesn't see that coming?! Really! They are attracted to noise so of course they are going to climb the freaking wall.
Luckily he makes it out of the city on a plane full of people and a female soldier that he saved. Unluckily the stewardess opened something and a zombie popped out! What was wrong with her?! I saw that coming! So stupid! Anyway he makes it to a W.H.O place alive and with the soldier where they begin to find a way for humans to avoid being attacked. (No spoilers!)
Of course at the end of the movie he is reunited with his family and so on. Zombies are loosing the battle while humans remain invisible to them. Yippy.
Ack! This movie was so predictable but it still scared me to the point I was hiding my head. I know that sounds childish but my friend (though not hiding her face with her arms) was occasionally covering her eyes. She's the one who dragged me to it and the one I now owe payback to. If you like scary movies I definitely recommend it! But if you are like me I wouldn't go see it if I were you. It was good but I could've skipped it.

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