Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Darkangel Review

Title: The Darkangel
Author: Meredith Ann Price
Book: (Darkangel Trilogy, #1)
Pages: 238
Rating: 4.5/5
Ohmygosh!! I loved this book! It was far fetched and I found myself laughing so much! It wasn't funny though. I couldn't tell if the writing was bad or if I had just read better books. I loved it though and it reminded me of a mix between Beauty and the Beast and The Chronicles of Narnia. Except for the fact that the vampire is supposedly gorgeous! A bit weird but I never thought he'd harm her. Ahh I'm getting ahead of myself so let me start from the beginning.
Aeriel is a maid who is one day walking in the mountains with her mistress Eoduin. When her mistress gets kidnapped by the vampire she has a hard choice. Be sold off or to face the vampire up on the mountain. She chooses to face him and instead of killing him she is entranced by his beauty and he takes her to his castle. There she is to serve his thirteen wives (one of them is Eoduin) who's souls, hearts, and blood he has taken from them. They are completely unrecognizable...
She is scared but she and Talb (a duarough) hatch a plan to free the wives and slay the vampire. Talb helps her escape since the vampire wants to kill her for giving him dreams but it isn't long before the vampire is on her heels. She is saved by a leosol (best I can tell is that he's a lion) and together they head to the one thing that can kill the vampire. They are attacked (of course) by jackals who the white witch controls (she controls the vampire too) and so she has to go back to the castle alone.
Once there she discovers that she is to become his fourteenth (and final) bride. Moving quickly the wraiths (wives) do their best to help her defeat him. Will they succeed in killing the vampire or will they fail and let the vampires take over the world? Oh yes there are six more vampires! That's in the book so don't you fret! XD
I loved this book and was glad my friend gave it to me (since she didn't like it) to keep! Seems like I get a lot of my books from her...Anyway it was a bit odd and silly but I do recommend this and hope to get the rest of the series soon. This is the first book in the series if you haven't already figured that out. It is a short book and I finished it in two days. I could've finished it in one but I didn't start it till after dinner. I did manage to get to read a lot in that time though. Oh I loved it and I hope you agree with my review!

About The Author

Meredith Ann Pierce is a recognized and well-known author among fans of the young adult fantasy genre and the cross-over adult market. The Darkangel, her very first book, was an ALA Best Book, a New York Times Notable Children's Book, a Parent's Choice Award Superbook, a Booklist Best Book of the Decade, and was honored with the IRA's annual Children's Book Award and the California Young Reader Medal. She has received the Jane Tinkam Broughton Fellowship in Writing for children from the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference and an Individual Artist Fellowship Special Award for Children's Literature by the Florida Department of State's Division of Cultural Affairs. She currently resides in Florida.