Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Lone Ranger Movie Review

Title: The Lone Ranger

Year: 2013

Time: 2hrs 29min

Rating: 3/5

First off I'm sorry I haven't blogged lately! I was reading a book that was the fourth in the series and since I haven't written about the others I decided not to blog about it. I know I usually have a post every other day so forgive me. Now I can get on to the movie review.
I was dying to see this movie and I finally got to see it yesterday. I know it wasn't much of a wait but what can I say...I'm just impatient. I liked this movie. There were extremely funny parts but they came few and far between so I was kind of bored. I hope everyone knows the story of The Lone Ranger. If you don't please watch more TV! I mean who hasn't heard of The Lone Ranger?
Ok so The Lone Ranger (Armie Hammer) died at the hands of some really crazy men. The leader of their group even eats the heart of The Lone Ranger's brother. Major YUCK! You even get to see him cut it out an eat it so I was feeling pretty ill. (This is just the beginning!) So all the Texas Rangers are dead except for him since he is a Spirit Walker. He can't be killed in battle. Well Tonto (Johnny Depp) helps him find these bad guys who are after the silver. They will do anything for it. Even kill all the Indians. I mean all of them!
So these guys aren't happy about any of this so they fight the bad guys who have Rebecca Reid (Ruth Wilson) and her son. They are the family of his brother and is also the woman he loves. So back to the story! Oh my goodness the animals are sooooooo messed up! I mean you'll have to see the movie to understand. I mean it is so whack!
Needless to say the Lone Ranger saves the day (like always) and could have decided to stay with the woman he loves. Instead he and Tonto decide to go out and kill more bad guys.
Ok so this movie is so bloody and not for young kids. I should've said this before but this whole story is told by Tonto a long time after it happens. The movie was good but there were a lot of slow parts that had me wondering if I could get away with wandering the halls. I doubt I would've missed anything important. I managed to sit through it all and I did like it. So it isn't a must watch but I do recommend it for anyone who loves Johnny Depp. Hope I didn't ruin it for you! I mean it is obvious that he's always going to save the day! Hope you enjoyed my review...!

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  1. OHMAGOD! I cannot wait to watch this movie! I love Armie Hammer; he's so dreamy!